This concept, called Daruna, is an early dream and made by Indonesian students.


Electric car products are the future. This belief can be seen in the many electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. Indonesia also has a dream to participate in the electric vehicle industry, although it is still a supplier of battery raw materials.

Good news came from the Arjuna Team of University Gadjah Mada (UGM) regarding electric cars. Arjuna's team won 1st place in Car Design in the PLN Innovation & Competition in Electricity (ICE) 2021 national competition. Okay, this is still a design, but let's see how the Yogyakarta university students presented the concept.

The concept car called Daruna, an abbreviation of Arjuna for Indonesia, looks just right in terms of proportions and shape. The design takes the type of liftback sedan that is reminiscent of the Honda Civic Hatchback and Toyota Prius shape.

Entering Daruna's interior, you can feel the futuristic aura. This two-row five-passenger car carries a simple modern dashboard concept with a large screen head unit in the middle, like the famous Tesla electric car.


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Interestingly, the rearview mirrors on the left and right are replaced by cameras. This makes at the end of the dashboard of this concept car, there is a small monitor screen to see the situation on the left and right of the car. Great job, Arjuna team!

The head of Arjuna's mechanical department, Zaki Fadlurrahman, said the purpose of the team's participation in the 2021 PLN ICE competition was to test and hone the team's abilities and knowledge in aspects of electric car technology and business development systems in the future.

The PLN ICE 2021 competition was participated by 45 teams from various students throughout Indonesia, ranging from D3 to Masters. Arjuna's team won in the Electric Vehicle Design & Prototype Competition category. There are three categories in this competition: the Electric Vehicle Design & Prototype Competition, Electronic & Electric Appliance Design & Prototype Competition, and Business & Community Development Proposal Competition.

The Arjuna team is not the first to jump into the concept of an electric car. This team is an electric car team that actively participates in the Formula Society Engineer (FSAE) Japan competition held in Shizuoka Prefecture.


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The team from Yogyakarta has the vision to become one of the best Formula Student teams in Southeast Asia and even the world to continue to do innovative and active work in every research-based competition.

The results of this Daruna design will continue to be evaluated and given improvements for the development of electric cars in the next generation. The participation of the Arjuna team in the PLN ICE event also proves that the young age of Indonesia is ready to face the industrial revolution 4.0 in the aspect of environmentally-friendly electric car technology.

Indonesia's history with the development of electric cars initially existed at several universities such as UGM, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS), Budi Mulya University, and several other universities. In 2012 the development of electric car products began with Dahlan Iskan as the Minister of BUMN at that time developing electric cars made in Indonesia such as the Selo and Tucuxi. However, the development of electric cars made in Indonesia then stopped due to several things, such as funds and political issues.

Several parties have currently started producing electric vehicle products driven by government regulations to provide tax breaks for electric motor-based vehicles. Fin Komodo, Gesits, and several other brands finally came to the surface to introduce electricity technology to the public.


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