Are you on a vacation in Lombok and are not sure what to buy your family and friends back home as souvenirs? Check out these recommendations for you!


It has been a common ritual for travelers to bring home some sort of gifts, such as foods or handcrafted arts for their families, friends, and neighbors, or even for themselves. When you visit Lombok, especially in Mandalika where the remarkable MotoGP Mandalika race was held, and wavering what kind of gifts to bring home, we have some recommended authentic and sought-after souvenirs that you can buy in Mandalika, Lombok.

Crafts from Ketak
Ketak is a type of wild plant that grows in abundance in Lombok. Because of its highly strong fiber, Ketak is often used as the material for making handicrafts such as bags, coasters, cosmetic holders, decorative tables, and many more. The one-of-a-kind handcrafted webbing of Ketak makes it artsy and exclusive as a gift.

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Sasak woven fabric
Woven fabric is one of Lombok's local handicrafts, one of the things that truly represent Lombok if you are planning to bring home for your family and friends. The fabric is often called Sasak Songket fabric. The woven fabric used is utterly natural which means without any chemicals. The fabric feels like pure cotton.

According to Lombok's beliefs, woven fabrics are closely related to many aspects of their culture. Uniquely, the Sasak people, as the indigenous tribe, carried out rituals before weaving the handcrafts. The locals sell various forms of woven fabric, including bags, scarves, and clothes. 

There are many types of classic coffee from West Nusa Tenggara, like Gunung Rinjani coffee, Gunung Tambora coffee, to local Parabe Village coffee. For coffee lovers, buying local coffee from villages might be a new experience that is worth trying. 

Marlin fish floss

You might have tried beef or chicken floss and it might be very common from where you are at, but fish floss is something different. The Marlin fish floss is a special cuisine of Lombok. 

Aside from its savory taste, fish floss has a lower cholesterol level than beef floss. Additionally, it is complemented with Omega 3 and DHA, the types of nutrients that help maintain our health. 

Lombok pearls
Fashion lovers might fall in love with Lombok pearls as their shiny look flawless from afar. The pearls themselves are cultivated by Lombok locals. Normally, pearls are made for jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, and earrings. 

There are types and colors of sea pearls that you can choose from, from gold, black, gray, white, to the other yellow-colored hue. Other choices include bright pink, orange, green, and red. 

Lombok sweet wine or Tuak Manis
Compared to other wines that might be able to inebriate you, this traditional drink is Lombok's sweet wine or Tuak Manis. It is made from the palm tree commonly known as the Enao tree. The ingredient is tapped from the palm fruit bunches using bamboo. 

This drink has become one of the tourist favorite souvenirs as not only does it taste good, but it also has several benefits and efficacy, such as resolving constipation and reducing fever.

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