Evos had a good time in 2021, it racked many awards at the 2021 Dunia Games Award.


Telkomsel, in partnership with Dunia Games, held the peak event for the 2021 Dunia Games Awards on Thursday, December 23, 2021. 

Nirwan Lesmana, Vice President of Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel, praised and congratulated the winners who earned the award this year. "Telkomsel and Dunia Games congratulate all people who have received the 2021 DGA award in each category.

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"Hopefully, this award event can be welcomed positively by all parties and become a separate stimulus to continue working, achieving, and contributing more to the development of the game and esports industry in the country.

"The implementation of DGA 2021 is not only an appreciation from Telkomsel, but also opens wider collaboration opportunities for all elements in this industry by utilizing integrated technology solutions to encourage the progress of Indonesia's creative economy."

Telkomsel rewarded various individuals and groups for their contributions to Indonesia's esports industry development. There were 17 categories with five nominees for each category.

The winners

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The first category announced is Male Esports Player of The Year. BTR's Luxxy won this category defeating T1's Kenny Xepher, Zeus Gaming's Rizky Faidan, Onic's Sanz, and Evos' Mr.05. 

Following Male Esports Player of The Year is Female esports Player of the Year. Evos' Caramel took this category over BTR's trio, Vival, Babyla, Mute, and RRQ's ASH.

Afterward, "Mobile Legends Bang Bang" won Game of the Year, beating "PUBG Mobile", "Valorant", "Free Fire", and "Pokemon Unite".

Evos had a stellar performance during 2021, and it's no wonder that the team was able to rack up awards in DGA. Evos snatched the Esports Team of the Year, beating Onic, RRQ, BTR, and BOOM. 

Its fanbase, Evos Fams, also won Esports Fans Club of the Year. Evos' Zeys won Esports Coach of the Year, and Evos' Rachel snatched Esports Brand Ambassador of the Year. Lastly, Evos' Ferxiic won Rookie of the Year.

Publisher Tournament of the Year was given to MPL ID, while Dunia Games League 2021 won the Non-Publisher Tournament of the Year.

Moving on to the next category, Windah Basudara won Gaming Content Creator of the Year. Lokapala won the Indonesian Game of the Year, while Moonton won Game Publisher of the Year, besting Garena, Tencent Games, AKG Games, and Riot Games.

For Cosplayer of the Year, Kameaam won it beating Jannie Intansari, Ola Aphrodite, Rian CYD, and Sherlin Tsu. Meanwhile, the voters selected Clara Mongstar Caster of the Year over Ranger Emas, Flo Wolfy, Bro Pasta, and Adji Sven. Tretan Muslim won Celebrity Gamer of the Year.

The last announcement is for the Lifetime Achievement award. This time, the honor was given to Eddy Lim, the former president of the Indonesia Esports Association.

Filled with entertainment

Aside from the yearly ceremony, DGA also presented various shows catering to local and international game enthusiasts. These shows include charity matches, music shows, and cosplay performances. Telkomsel also offers original documentary content focused on the Indonesian esports industry, entitled "Indonesian Esports Legend - Push It Down!" through the video-on-demand platform MAXstream.

The event was broadcast live on various platforms, including MAXstream, Dunia Games, and Telkomsel's youtube channel. The event featured the unveiling of the Lifetime Achievement and 16 other categories' winners.

The highlights of the Dunia Games Awards event were rerun on SCTV on December 24, 2021. To view the complete list of winners, visit



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