Digimental Studio reveals the HAPEBEASTS NFTs that were originally sold for $600 each just two weeks ago. It now rakes up to $22,000 for each!


Digimental Studios revealed the actual images of HAPEBEASTS, 8,192 NFTs, at 18:00 GMT on Friday, February 4. Originally sold for $600 each just two weeks ago, the streetwear-inspired images have been previously hidden from their owners. The value rose upwards of $22,000 on OpenSea after the sales.

A HAPE world has been created to merge fashion, the NFT community, and the metaverse. The hotly anticipated HAPEWALK, a brand new metaverse concept core to the HAPE brand, will offer a new space for collaborations and brand extensions – several major luxury fashion houses have already approached the brand for collaboration.

Four of the unique HAPE images have even been secured by Paris Hilton's concierge company for mystery clients – and celebrities including Neymar, John Terry, Reece James, and Gael Monfils will also receive their unique HAPE digital files at the same time as the other 8000+ in the community who were lucky enough to have made it on to the HAPELIST.

Courtesy of Digimental Studio


What are the HAPEBEASTS?
The HAPEBEASTS are NFTs of 3D animated ape-inspired characters who can be used as avatars online, or in the metaverse. They take their inspiration from streetwear, 90s hip hop, and contemporary high fashion.

Each HAPE is a digital fashion model created by Digimental founder and artist Matt Sypien. The London-based artist's past clients have included Nike, MTV, Chelsea FC, Jordan Air and Nickelodeon.

"We are the first in the space to truly be building a synergy between fashion and the Metaverse," says Matt Sypien.

"Developing this project to be distinct in its visual form, we have been focusing on the detail of the art down to every garment, accessory, and cultural reference. Our goal is that by focusing on launching a unique project and building a community, HAPEBEAST will be able to make a seamless, harmonious blend of the Metaverse and real life."

All the 8,192 digital fully 3D HAPES began minting two weeks ago on January 19, 2022, on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the biggest recent launch in the NFT sector.

Its pre-release fever drew more than 450,000 people to the HAPE Discord social media channel, breaking all records for an NFT release, all wanting to be the first on the HAPELIST.

The worlds of fashion, sports, and entertainment have been clamoring for the much-anticipated HAPES which have been changing hands for $20,000 on sites like OpenSea even before subscribers had seen the image being sold.

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