The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy redefines "traveling with responsibility" with a warm-up vacation program.


The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy continues to improve the quality of the warm-up vacation program in welcoming foreign travelers who come to Indonesia via direct flights to Bali.

The Bali warm-up vacation program is an innovation that is specifically designed for tourists who have just come to Bali so that they can undergo quarantine in a hotel with a bubble system, which allows a person to be active not only in the room but can do various activities in a specially prepared bubble area within the appointed hotels.

This warm-up vacation program aims to make tourists not feel quarantined in Bali, but rather feel they are warming up to prepare for their vacation in Bali, of course, while still prioritizing the precautionary principle in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The Deputy for Marketing of the Kemenparekraf/Baperekraf, Nia Niscaya, explained that the Bali warm-up vacation package is different from the usual quarantine package.

"So this is different from quarantine, which is only in the room. This warm-up vacation program is carried out at a hotel that has implemented a bubble system that is ready with disciplined health protocols," said Nia.

Thus, the movement of tourists is not limited to just the room but also other hotel facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, dining rooms, so they can enjoy the beautiful beaches in the bubble area in Bali.

There are many supporting hotels available
Currently, the total number of quarantine hotels recommended by the COVID-19 task force as of February 2, 2022, is 66 hotels. Five of them have been allowed to apply the bubble system. Meanwhile, 61 other hotels are still implementing the ordinary quarantine system.

In quarantine hotels that do not implement a bubble system, tourists are only allowed to do activities in their rooms or villas, they are not allowed to go out. However, in Bali, there are choices of quarantine hotels that offer villas with private swimming pools, so that tourists can still experience a more pleasant atmosphere than quarantine in other areas. Currently, the 61 ordinary quarantine hotels have a capacity of more than 3400 rooms.

Meanwhile, hotels that facilitate warm-up vacation programs will also continue to grow. There are already 19 other hotels that have applied to become bubble system hotels, and their readiness still needs to be verified.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Strategic Policy at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Kurleni Ukar, said that currently there are 5 bubble system quarantine hotels used for the warm-up vacation program, namely Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua (Nusa Dua), Westin Resort (Nusa Dua), Griya Santrian (Sanur), Viceroy (Ubud), and Royal Tulip (Jimbaran).

"In the future, the number of quarantine hotels with this bubble system will continue to be added according to the needs and results of field verification. This is intended so that tourists can have a variety of choices according to their tastes," he said.

Easier e-Visa
In supporting the Bali warm-up vacation program, Nia added that the application for an E-visa visiting Indonesia was also made easier. Tourists can directly check the regulations at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for the submission and application of the E-visa.

"In addition, the immigration office also provides a hotline for travel agents who arrange E-visas for tourism. Or for more information, you can access," said Nia.

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