Virginie Viard shares spotlight with 8 artisans.


The annual Chanel 2021/22 Métiers d'art was filmed at ??19M by Dimitri Chamblas. The 15.11 minutes long show was aired in all Chanel digital assets on December 7, including its official Twitter account.

Creative Director Virginie Viard remains true to the purpose of the annual event, which is to honor the craft of the house's talented artisans. Eight craftsmen and craftswomen, ranging from shoemakers to jewelry experts who work to create exceptionally crafted pieces for the house each season, are featured in the show.

"The invitation box includes a collection of texts by the rappers Claude MC Solaar and Abd Al-Malik, and writers such as Sarah Chiche, Anne Berest, and Nina Bouraoui, recounting their vision of the Maisons d'art residing at le19M," Viard explained.

"There's also a series of postcards taken from the animated films created by REMEMBERS. I wanted each model, drawn by a different illustrator, to represent one of the Maisons d'art and evolve in a little story inspired by a Chanel icon. I wanted to illustrate each house as best as possible, but with a twist."

Pleats experts from the House of Lognon were illustrated as a magical playground of stairs and stepping stones for model Akon Changkou in a short clip by REMEMBER.

In another clip, model Mariam de Vinzelle renders sublime the savoir-faire of the flower maker Lemarié. Meanwhile, model Pan Haowen glides amongst the sequins, beads, threads and motifs of the contemporary embroidery atelier Montex.

Photo Courtesy of Time International


The metalwork of the parurier d'art Desrues, the first Métier d'art atelier acquired by CHANEL in 1985, was attributed in a motion picture illustration featuring model Lola Nicon. Illustrated version of model Fran Summers dances a playful radiance to the savoir-faire of the embroiderer and tweed maker Lesage.

Model Mica Argañaraz explores the art of jewelry and adornment according to the goldsmith Goossens, while model Loli Bahia reveals the savoir-faire of the hatter and milliner Maison Michel.

Finally, the CHANEL signature two-tone pumps made by the shoemaker Massaro come to life in a game of hide-and-seek with model Rianne Van Rompaey.

Viard also added her own personal touch in the overall collection and ambiance for the show that embraced the architecture of le19M, a new Parisian building designed by architect Rudy Ricciott, dedicated to the Métiers d'art.

Director and choreographer Chamblas documents the silhouettes in constant motion as models explore the new building dedicated to the fashion Métiers d'art.

The looks

The collection, which features an array of creative utilization of knits, rich embroidery, and a deep jewel tone, comes with a color palette that's easy on the eye as monochromatic fabrics laid as a base for several pops of striking hues. Each look was paired with Mary Jane heels that came in varying colors, adjusting from outfit to outfit.

The house reinvents its conventional overall looks as Viard adds bouclé and tweed fabrics in suits and dresses layered in various lengths and styles for an updated twist on the iconic signature Chanel style. The contemporary outfit build allows Viard and the eight artisans to really feature their crafts while elevating the overall looks instead of making them look too crowded.


Photo Courtesy of Chanel


Little details like tassels, ruffles, and embroideries were clearly designed to create dynamic and wholesome looks, with waist chains and chunky jewelry stacked in a chic and effortless way.

The various pairings of plunging necklines, oversized Chanel monogram, and flowy bottoms are ideal for celebrating the contributions of the eight houses and portray their own influence at Chanel as its creative director of makeup Lucia Pica painted thick black winged liners rock 'n roll style on the models to finish the overall look.


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