They can't stay in one place for long, but they can bring along a memento that reminds them of you. Here are the three best gift ideas for a traveling girlfriend or boyfriend.


Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend who loves to travel can be both fun and annoying. Sometimes it makes you feel neglected to be left alone, but then they will bring the most memorable gifts.

It's your turn to give gifts to your traveling lover. The S Media has summarized some of the best gifts that might suit any traveling needs.

Big bags
Maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend already has one, but there's nothing wrong with giving them a new one, so they have more choices. Take a peek at local brands that provide quality bags, one of which is Adorable Projects.

Adorable Projects is a brand made by Ira Hanira, a Bandung native. In 2021, there were around 105 local in-house craftsmen working for this brand. Apart from supporting your lover's hobbies, you also support the local economy.

Maybe your lover's sunglasses are not up to date or don't suit their face shape, but you don't have the heart to say it. The solution? You can buy sunglasses specifically designed for Asian face types, such as those made by the HSF Eyewear brand.

Inspired by the minimalist Japanese style, HSF continues to develop its eyewear models while still striving for quality and comfort. This brand also often makes eyewear products that result from collaborations with popular influencers, such as Tyna Kanna Mirdad, Claradevi, Putri Cahya, and Indah Nada Puspita.

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Make sure your beloved's skin stays safe. Give them quality sunscreen that can protect the skin during a walk. Sunscreen can prevent sunburn that appears due to UVB radiation. Sunscreen can also prevent premature aging of the skin and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Choose a sunscreen that has both SPF and PA. SPF is an agent that plays a role in counteracting UVB rays. Meanwhile, PA functions to block UVA rays from touching the skin. If your boyfriend or girlfriend's skin is sensitive, you should also choose more carefully.

Our recommendation? Jarte Beauty Sunscreen Spray Coral Friendly x Nathanie Christy has a formula that is safe for all. This sunscreen can even be used by children, the elderly, pregnant, and breastfeeding mothers. The ingredients in this product are claimed to be safe for use by the whole family and very practical because it is in the form of a spray.

In addition, this sunscreen is enriched with licorice which can help prevent hyperpigmentation. Reddish skin and dark spots can also be treated well by Jarte Beauty Sunscreen Spray.

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