Do you think it's a great combo?


Burger King Malaysia churns out new menu items that bring out the child in all of us as it debuts its new burger and chicken sandwich drenched in chocolate sauce.


A combination that was highly considered at a young age, the fast-food burger chain got experimental with the limited-edition rollout of the Chocolate Melt series. The Chocolate Melt Beefacon is a burger stacked with two flame-grilled beef patties drizzled in chocolate sauce, crispy-fried onions, Beefacon (Burger King’s beef bacon), American cheese, and mayo laid over a toasted sesame seed bun. On the sandwich side, the Chocolate Melt Crispy Chick’N Crisp takes two crispy chicken patties topped with chocolate sauce packed together with crispy onions, chicken bacon, and American cheese on a toasted sesame seed bun.


The Chocolate Melt menu is now available at Burger King Malaysia locations for a limited time only.


Broccoli and cheddar burger topping

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Most people prefer cooked broccoli to raw broccoli. Overcooked broccoli has its place in the world but not in this burger. When it comes to burgers, your broccoli should be slightly crunchy with a bit of bite. Broccoli and cheddar topping go together like milk and cheese. Once you have the first bite of broccoli and cheddar together, you can be sure you are hooked.


Jalapeno Bacon burger topping

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Jalapeno Bacon burger topping is another exciting and delicious topping idea you can try on your burger. It is preferable to use fresh jalapenos to add a bit cool crispiness. To make things even more exciting, salute your fresh jalapenos in the bacon fat before cooking them. Mustard is one of the essential requirements you should add to your jalapenos bacon burger topping. It is because it offers more flexibility. It is better to use thick-cut pepper bacon. However, thick bacon might not go well with someone who likes crunchy stuff on your bacon. It is because the thicker the bacon, the less crunchy it is.


Funnel cake burger topping

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Are you bored with the usual burger toppings? If you want to have a new burger adventure, try funnel cake burger topping. It is one of the most exciting and delicious burger toppings for your burger that you can make at home. For now, no fairs are coming to town due to the corona pandemic. Luckily, you can make all your favorite fair foods into one burger at home. State fair funnel cake burger topping? Try before you judge. It’s perfect.

Mac and cheeseburger topping

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Mac and cheeseburger topping will make you want to have burgers in every one of your meals. The topping will make your burger juicy and outrageously taste good. Prepare your burger patties and grill them for 8 to 12 minutes. Prepare your macaroni and cheese separately and top it with your burger.

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