This might be harsh, but your dream career might have nothing to do with your passion.


Julia Wuench, a leadership coach, spilled the beans that following your passion might not be the right way to build your dream career.

"Commit to learning and re-learning what energizes and drains you. By dedicating yourself to what sparks your interests and what doesn’t, you can more easily align with a successful career path that highlights your true talents," she wrote for Forbes.

Despite the advice from numerous people to “follow your passion”, this might instead be holding you back in your future career. Stanford researchers’ even concluded that such advice can be detrimental to an individual’s success due to narrowmindedness and dedication to a single passion.

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List of why the advice can be bad for you

  • It assumes we will only have one passion in life - it can be limiting to select merely one passion, as it leaves zero space for other passions yet to be uncovered.
  • It assumes passions don’t change with time.
  • It assumes we already know what our passion is while many people are not able to confidently state a specific passion and how it can tie to a career.
  • It gives the impression that passion should come with ease or that a magical “dream job” is waiting beyond the horizon without considering your strengths and the things that come more easily to you.
  • Just because you have a passion for something, doesn’t mean that you are good at it.
  • Once you shift your life’s passion into a job, it becomes just that, a task you must do and it may lose its luster in time.
  • It’s a privileged message not afforded to all as for a vast majority of the working force, money drives what profession you choose until you can establish yourself enough to make alternative decisions.

List of what to do instead to achieve your dream career

Decide what you want best by asking these questions every time you're seeing an intersection:

  • How much money do I need to make?
  • Can I afford to take time out of my current career?
  • What benefits do I need from my job to improve my overall financial condition?
  • What are the tactics I can employ to get the best salary offer?
  • What type of leadership style helps me better overall at work?
    Will this career move allow me to bring my authentic self to work?
  • How are people rewarded and appreciated in this field, and does it resonate with me?
  • How do I perceive meaningful work and does this one tick all in the list?
  • How does this path use my strengths and values to accomplish the things that are important to me?
  • What goals do I envision achieving, and what would I consider peak moments of fulfillment?

The answers will give you clarity somewhat. You must also remember that in any endeavor, there will be challenges and you might miscalculate things. You must rewire your brain to think positively and sometimes you have to trick yourself so you can endure longer.


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