Are you ready for Blackpink in your area?


The South Korean girl group BLACKPINK would launch their movie 'THE MOVIE' in the theatre. 'THE MOVIE' is part of BLACKPINK's fifth anniversary. Many fans are excited about the news. The pandemic has made international fans unable to see BLACKPINK. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose have been one of the most followed musicians on social media platforms at the moment. 

From Left to Right: Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Last year, BLACKPINK launched a documentary on Netflix titled 'LIGHT UP THE SKY,' which featured their trainee day, Coachella's journey, and how they paved their way up to the global music industry. 

In addition to that, this year BLACKPINK presented a concert, 'THE SHOW.' 'THE SHOW' is an online concert that can be seen on YouTube. 

BLACKPINK 'THE MOVIE' will be released in 100 countries around the world in August. It will feature never before seen interviews, a retrospective look at the group's career over the last five years, and selected performances from their 2021 The Show concert and In Your Area world tour.

Many Indonesian BLINKS are also excited about the upcoming movie. The S Media spoke to a few Indonesian BLINKS. 

First, we chatted to Yessica. She's been a BLINK since 2018. "For me, they are the complete package. I love their visuals, talents, and their style. But, for me, their songs are also easy to remember," she wrote. Yessica also noted that one of her favorite songs is 'You Never Know,' a song from BLACKPINK's latest album, 'THE ALBUM.' "The ref part of the song really touched me. They've been hated by people, and some even think they're just lucky. But behind that, they sacrificed a lot of things," she continued.

BLACKPINK THE MOVIE Photo Courtesy of YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK debuted in 2016 and has gained many fans, including in Indonesia. Indonesia is ranked second as the country that listens to BLACKPINK the most. "As a fan, I'm waiting for their comebacks. Because their comeback took a long time," she wrote. Lastly, as a BLINK, Yessica would like to say, "Thank you for being born in the world. You guys are my encouragement pills and the ones who cheered me up when I was down. I hope that your journey is long and always with us, BLINK."

We also met Dilla, who used to be a non-K-Pop fan. However, she's become a BLINK since 2020. "I think they are just the complete package. I've never seen an idol like them. They are talented. I love their dance and music. But, they also have a fierce presence," she wrote. "I'm just excited for 'THE MOVIE' to come out," she closed. 

No matter what age and your background, it seems that K-Pop has a special place for anyone.