Are you into the beading necklaces


The pandemic has not been easy for most people. We all have to stay at home; some people lost their jobs. And we're still not able to fully integrate with the new normal. 

However, the pandemic has pushed people to be more creative than ever. So you could see that there are a lot of new home businesses. One of them is the beading business. 

Many of us might think that beading is only for kids; it was something that we used to do when we had no gadgets. But who knows that it could have immense business potential. 

This business is not only popular in Indonesia but around the world.  For example, HURJABOYACC from South Korea, caladium.lab from Singapore, Picnic Blanket from the U.K, Lil Things Shop from California. As from the local shops, you could check out BijoulerieBeadsy Bop,jewelrocksbijoux and uglybijoux. They are getting more popular as the 90s styles are coming back. You could see celebrities wearing chokers made of beads. The class is popular among teenagers and among adults as they give people a sense of nostalgia. 

You could see Kendall Jenner, Jennie from Blackpink, J-Hope from BTS, and G-Dragon from Big Bang wearing necklaces made of beads. The accessories are not only perfect for women but also for men. 

Photo Courtesy of Kendall Jenner

With the help of social media, this beading business has a vast market. First, everyone could easily promote their pieces online. Social media is now readily used as your marketing tool, and you no longer have to pay a marketer. Secondly, you don't have to rent a store. It would save a lot of money and time, as you could start your business from home. 

The S Media talked to Bias Vala, the founder of Bijoulerie. Bijoulerie is an online store that sells a lot of aesthetic beads jewelry. One of its most famous pieces is a pearl necklace with a name on it. Jennie from Blackpink has been spotted wearing a similar look. But if you would like to have it, Bijoulerie sells it at an affordable price. 

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The gothic font from the necklace gives us an edgy look, and you could choose a gold or silver plate to elevate the classy look. 

But indeed, it is undeniable that these beaded accessories carry a nostalgic impression. "I don't even remember when I was beading when I was little. But I used to like wearing accessories, bracelets, and necklaces made of beads," said Bias to The S Media. Initially, this business started right before February 2020, but who would have thought that this creative work business was indeed on the rise? Most of her inspirations were from Pinterest and Claude Monet's color palette. 

Initially, Bias also experienced the usually limited names. However, because he dreams of working in the creative field, he started this handmade jewelry. One of the satisfactions of this manufacture is personalization for each customer. "I've always loved DIY, and with handmade necklaces, I can make them feel like I can give them something more special."

Well, who would have thought that this small skill—that you might never have thought of developing—could become a business from home? 

"It's the greatest opportunity for me. I've always wanted to work in a creative field," she concluded.

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