Evelyn Yonathan Haer, CPO of Lazada Indonesia, spills the beans on the skills modern youths need to nurture modern careers.


Lazada recently conducted a graduation ceremony for the Kampus Merdeka Certified Internship participants, which included 80 students who completed a 5-month internship beginning in August 2021. Lazada's participation in the Kampus Merdeka initiative is part of the effort to develop reserves for Indonesia's future talents who will become the driving force for the nation's progress, particularly the Indonesian digital economy ecosystem.

Evelyn Yonathan Haer, Chief People Officer of Lazada Indonesia said that Indonesia will experience a demographic bonus in 2035. The talents who are now in the last phases of higher education are the ones who will become leaders in Indonesia in the future.

See Evelyn’s insights about Indonesia's expanding digital economy and how Lazada, one of Indonesia's major e-commerce, can provide the perfect support for this opportunity. 


What is the main objective of the Kampus Merdeka batch 1 program?

We think that by participating in the first wave of the Kampus Merdeka program, Lazada will be able to provide real work experience and introduce interns to the professional world as preparation for future jobs. Not only that but interns are expected to be able to directly apply all knowledge gained at university to the internship program.

Lazada aspires to contribute to the development of labor skills that will be able to contribute to the growth of Indonesia in the future, especially given the country's existing demographic advantage.

How enthused are students about the Kampus Merdeka batch 1 program?

The number of applicants for the internship program, which reached more than 16,000 persons for the first batch, demonstrates students' eagerness to participate in the Kampus Merdeka Certified Internship Program. From 16,000 candidates, 80 students were chosen.

They came from institutions all throughout Indonesia, completed a tough selection procedure, and were given the opportunity to participate in the Kampus Merdeka internship program at Lazada.


What initiatives did Lazada take to empower Indonesian businesses?

Our goal at Lazada is to establish a long-term healthy and sustainable business through investments in infrastructure, technology, and logistical capabilities, with the goal of accelerating the advancement of Indonesia's digital economy. We are committed to promoting local business growth and assisting sellers in undergoing digital transformation in order to compete in the marketplace.

Our MSME empowerment programs are fairly diversified, ranging from Lazada University to the Lazada Club seller network to the Seller Conference, which is hosted on a regular basis, all of which aim to increase the business capabilities of sellers on our platform. Lazada also offers a variety of data-driven solutions designed to improve store performance and grow the seller's market.

We have managed carefully with the government of the Republic of Indonesia to undertake several MSME empowerment programs. Since 2021, in addition to running the MSME Foster Brother program with the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) of the Republic of Indonesia, we have also collaborated with cross-ministerial partners to develop the Indonesian Digital AKAR Movement to grow the digital economy ecosystem by empowering all roles in the ecosystem, ranging from local businesses, consumers, and logistics workers. 


What distinguishes Lazada from other Indonesian eCommerce platforms?

Our objective is to boost Indonesia's growth through trade and technology. We are committed to supporting the growth of the digital ecosystem in Indonesia with the help of Alibaba's technology and capabilities by empowering every digital talent we consider to be the Hero of the Digital Economy in the ecosystem, from local businesses, consumers, livestreamers, to logistics employees including couriers, through a holistic approach.

How does Lazada see the potential of Indonesia's growing digital economy?

The digital economy has emerged as the primary driver of Indonesia's economic growth. According to studies by Google, Temasek, and Bain in 2021, the value of the digital economy has reached USD70 billion in 2021 alone and is predicted to reach USD146 billion in 2025.

E-commerce is likely to be the primary driver of digital economic growth. That is why, in conjunction with multiple parties, including the government and associations, we continue to make efforts to empower every player in the digital economy ecosystem.

The AKAR Digital Indonesia Movement, Lazada University, Lazada Club, and Lazada Forward Youth are just a few of Lazada's many efforts aimed at embracing the potential of the digital economy for Indonesia's long-term progress.

What are the most significant problems we face in growing Indonesia's digital economy?

We see huge potential in Indonesia's digital economy. However, there are still difficulties that must be addressed and solved collaboratively, such as the presence of digital talents who are prepared to tackle industrial advancements in the digital economy. 

In order to survive and compete in an increasingly volatile environment, players in the digital ecosystem must adapt swiftly. Being a talent in the digital economy ecosystem is not limited to those with technical and technological abilities, but also builds an entrepreneurial mindset that is in line with current conditions, including for supporting roles in the digital economy ecosystem such as a profession as a live streamer, a vanguard such as couriers, and others. Employees in logistics, customer service, and even general duties that are new but are part of the ecosystem

That is why, at Lazada, we launched numerous programs such as the AKAR Digital Indonesia Movement, Lazada University, Lazada Club, as well as Lazada Forward Youth, and Lazada Forward Scholarship, all of which strive to harness the potential of the digital economy for Indonesia's long-term progress.





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