Bali Embraces Family-Friendly Beach Clubs, Offering Memorable Getaways for All Ages


Bali, renowned for its captivating beauty and vibrant beach clubs, is now setting its sights on becoming an even more attractive destination for families. The Island of the Gods is embracing its family-friendly appeal, offering a safe, accessible, and enjoyable getaway for families with young children seeking an unforgettable vacation in the sun.

While Bali's beach clubs have traditionally catered to party lovers, a noticeable shift is taking place, with several renowned beach clubs embracing family-friendly experiences.

One standout beach club leading the charge is Atlas Beach Club, the largest beach club in the world, set to mark its one-year anniversary. Known for its world-class parties and impressive food courts, Atlas Beach Club is now positioning itself as a top family destination, providing a fun and memorable space for families to enjoy their vacation.

The Indonesian Tourism Board, Wonderful Indonesia, has given Atlas Beach Club its seal of approval. Furthermore, the Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, recently visited the venue, praising its significant impact on Bali's tourism sector and local community.

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As part of the Atlas Beach Fest, the expansive complex offers a wide range of exciting activities for children, including face painting and craft workshops. Families can enjoy water slides suitable for all ages and explore an array of delectable delights at the culinary ground.

Beyond Atlas Beach Club, Bali boasts several other family-friendly beach clubs that promise fantastic days out for families with children of all ages. Flamingo Beach Club, located along the scenic Gianyar coastline at Saba Beach, is a vibrant and vibey hangout catering to families. With a large play area for children and a stunning swimming pool, Flamingo Beach Club ensures every need is catered to with attentive and friendly staff.

For families seeking a memorable day out beyond the coast, Titi Batu in Ubud offers an ideal option. Although not a beach club, Titi Batu's day club experience guarantees a fantastic time for the whole family. Sundays at Titi Batu, aptly named Sunday Funday, is a must-attend event, offering access to a family pool, bouncy castles, kids' rooms filled with wonder, and even a skatepark with equipment for hire. The adults can indulge in a gym, yoga classes, spa, sauna, and steam room while relishing the impressive food offerings.

Venturing back to the coast, families seeking an epic day out will find Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu a perfect match. While best suited for families with tweens and teens, Sundays Beach Club caters to all ages.

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The club provides guests access to a private stretch of beach, along with stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment included in the entry fee. The presence of attentive lifeguards ensures safety for everyone in the water and on the beach.

Beyond the breathtaking landscapes and beach clubs, what sets Bali apart is the warm and welcoming hospitality of its people. The staff at Sunday's Beach Club, and indeed many other venues, are renowned for their friendliness, going above and beyond to ensure families have an unforgettable and enjoyable experience during their stay in the paradise that is Bali. As more beach clubs focus on family-friendly offerings, Bali continues to solidify its status as a cherished destination for every member of the family.

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