Renowned fashion designer Adith Hendart takes bold steps towards sustainability in the fashion industry


In a bid to address the environmental impact of the fashion industry, Adith Hendart, a prominent fashion designer, presented his latest collection, "Resurrection," at the Presidential Suites of Raffles Jakarta on November 30. The event welcomed a diverse audience, including media representatives, esteemed guests, and notable figures from various sectors.


Fashion Industry's Environmental Impact

Hendart highlighted the alarming statistics associated with the fashion industry, stating that it is responsible for 10% of the world's carbon emissions, second only to the oil industry. Moreover, approximately 12 billion kilograms of clothing waste are discarded annually, contributing to pollution as these garments are often made from materials that are challenging to decompose.

Sustainable Fashion Advocacy

Having embraced the concept of sustainability since 2022, Hendart continued his efforts through the "zero waste" program, culminating in this year's focus on the "recycle" concept. The designer emphasized the importance of transforming waste into reusable materials, naming his collection "Resurrection" to symbolize the revival of discarded items.

Innovative Use of Recycled Materials

Hendart showcased his commitment to sustainability by utilizing recycled materials such as transparent plastic bottle waste, discarded interior leather, patched foam, and offcuts with a base of duchess liquid. The latter, commonly used in bridal gowns, aligns with the slow fashion ethos due to its high-quality, proper, rigid nature that resists wrinkles and damage.

Artistic Expression and Social Responsibility

The collection, inspired by the ultra-feminine cuts of the 1950s and featuring a sky blue color palette, is a testament to the designer's desire for a brighter and clearer sky. Hendart expressed his aspiration to turn recycled materials into both beautiful works of art and practical, functional items.

Beyond Fashion: A Transformative Approach

Beyond the runway, Hendart leveraged his platform to be a transformative force. For nearly a decade, he has used fashion as a tool for good, actively working towards reducing pollution through the use of recycled materials. Additionally, the designer has been imparting sewing skills to women survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking victims post-Covid layoffs, and small businesses in rural areas.

Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

In a notable collaboration this year, Adith Hendart partnered with PT Derma Kosmetik Internasional, a local cosmetics manufacturing facility adhering to international standards, which has supported numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (UMKM) and young entrepreneurs in Indonesia. He also joined forces with 5Asec Indonesia as the official laundry partner for his recycled fashion pieces.

Commitment to Positive Change

Adith Hendart's fashion show was not only a display of artistic prowess but also a powerful statement on the need for sustainable practices in the fashion industry. The collaboration with local businesses and the commitment to community welfare underscored the designer's dedication to creating positive change within and beyond the realm of fashion.

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