5 cooking alternatives you can try to reduce oil consumption to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


It is actually easy to cook great food without the usage of excessive oil and butter. Cooking with less oil can reduce the amount of undesirable fat consumption for better health. 
Some of the known side effects of excessive oil in our body can cause acidity, indigestion, bloating, and cholesterol, which you can read more about its dangers here.

Here are 5 things you can try to switch up your cooking methods. 

Choosing the right cookware
Essentially, we use oil not only to enhance the taste of our food but also to make sure that it does not stick to the pan while cooking. One of the solutions to avoid your food from sticking to your pan is to try non-stick pans. As the name stated, it is a pan that prevents your food from sticking. 

Choosing the right quality for your non-stick pan can be expensive but it will last for a long time and you will use less oil since you don’t have to lubricate your pan beforehand.
Pan fry
Pan-frying your dishes will not only use less oil unlike deep-fry foods but also is a much healthier choice. Not to mention if you put a lid on top of your food as it will cook the food on its own by the moisture and steam trapped by it. 

Use an oven or air fryer
The usage of an oven or air fryer is a great alternative for you who wants to eat deep-fried food while skipping the deep-frying process. An oven, a microwave or an air fryer mainly uses electricity and heat to cook your food.

Although it usually takes more time than deep frying, the amount of oil cut out during this process is huge as you’ll only need little to no oil. 

Steam cooking
Steam cooking is also one of the alternatives to cooking your food without using oil. This option usually completely replaces oil from the cooking process and replaces it with boiling water and a lid. 

Steamed food usually comes much more moist and soft compared to other cooking techniques, but it will be a great choice for you who wants to try something new or completely reduce oil. 

Baking or roasting
When it comes to roasting your food, usually there is no need to coat them with oil as it will cook nicely after some time. For any hard vegetables, you can try boiling them first before baking them for that crispiness similar to when you deep fry them. 

Fruit puree can often be used as a substitute for oil. Additionally, they are also a much healthier option and delicious. 

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