Bartega Studio offers a memorable experience for the public who wants to express their creativity through artworks. Bartega Studio event and products.


Benson Putra, Jazz Pratama, and Nadia Daniella formed Bartega Studio in 2017 as an art event management firm. This studio organizes social events around Jakarta that include wine tasting and art jamming. They sought to develop a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience for Jakarta residents to enjoy.

Bartega hosts painting events in collaboration with charitable organizations, as well as a fundraising platform where individuals can get together to enjoy art as therapy while also contributing to a good cause. The event takes place in a variety of settings, including hotels and restaurants.

People of all artistic backgrounds, even those who have never painted before, are welcome to attend Bartega's painting show. Professional teachers lead the classes and provide painting instruction.

Bartega Studio’s event
A painting lesson using acrylic on canvas media is one of the many exciting events at Bartega. On Saturday, April 9, with the topic Sea-Renity with Solar Chapter, and on Sunday, April 17, with the theme Birth of Bunny, this workshop will be presented online. This class will cost you IDR 135,000 and IDR 95,000. This lesson is available to all levels of participation, not just beginners.

Another Bartega event is Ashta District 8, which will give attendees a taste of Bartega's creative activities right in the center of town. Bartega's in-person experience, which includes everything from health painting to advanced workshops, is the ideal way to spend quality time with friends and family.

This event is available in a variety of themes, prices, and timetables, all of which can be found on the official Bartega Studio website. Participants who are interested can go to the website and register for a variety of events that they think would be fun to attend.

Bartega Studio’s products
Bartega Studio offers a variety of outstanding products, including a paint-by-numbers collection, custom paint-by-numbers, and painting supplies, in addition to fascinating events.

Paint-by-numbers sets are a product that allows you to create an outstanding painting by just matching the number on the canvas to the appropriate paint. This product comes in a variety of themes and costs between IDR 200,000 and IDR 300,000.

Custom paint-by-numbers goods will turn images of special consumer moments into works of art. It's a simple process that involves sending high-resolution images to Bartega. Bartega has the best value this month, with a variety of prices and canvas sizes.

Bartega also sells a wide range of art supplies, including brushes, watercolors, and sketchbooks, at varying rates. Retail and packages of art supplies are available.

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