Level up your vacation to a white desert adventure in Antarctica with White Desert's luxurious camp, Echo.


White Desert Ltd. announce the launch of its new campsite called Echo. Located in Antarctica at 71°32'47" S 8°50'11" E, Echo is Inspired by space exploration. Echo's "Sky Pods" fuse a retro vision of the future which allows guests to feel Antarctica's luxurious trip experience.

The new camp is inspired by astronauts and space designs. Echo will be launching in November 2022. The camp will provide exclusive access to the interior wonders of Antarctica.

The new eco-futuristic camp features six heated, cutting-edge bedroom "sky pods" complete with expendable floor-to-ceiling windows. Crafted from composite fiberglass, each of the pods is designed for two guests. With luxurious furnishings, the campsite also offers a central lounge area, dining and heated shower pods. 

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The Echo camp can cater to up to 12 guests. An experienced team of chefs, hosts, and expert guides will also accompany the guest during their stay. Guest of Echo will step from the plane and be escorted to the private lounge where Martinis with 10,000-year-old ice awaits. 

Guest will have all access to White Desert activities such as fat biking, skiing, Artic truck driving, guided hiking called Nunatak Tour, ice-climbing, and mountaineering. Explorers can also visit Atka Bay to see approximately 20 thousand more of Emperor Penguins colony journey to the South Pole. 

Pricing starts from $780,000 (Rp11,1 M) for an exclusive group of 12 pax. As early booking of $55,000 (Rp785,757,500) for Echo camp is fully booked, the price starts at $104,000 (Rp1,485,796,000) per person. Food & beverage are provided. White Desert Antarctica has committed to using $1,000 (Rp14,286,500) per person per trip on Antarctic's conservation, community, and sustainability initiatives. 

White Desert Antarctica launch ‘Echo’
The White Desert is one of the first operators to build a luxury camp. Now it is also helping to transport scientists to their Antarctic research stations using their planes. Its latest projects, "Echo", came after "Whichaway" and "Wolf's Fang". 

The company, White Desert Ltd, was established by polar explorer duo Patrick and Robyn Woodhead in 2005. Born out of the desire to allow people aside from scientists to explore Antarctica, the company has stood for 16 years and now employs about 80 people from 17 different nationalities. Winner of five World Travel Awards, as of 2021, the company is the first to pioneer commercial private jet services to the continent. 

In the same year, the company signed up with the Glasgow Declaration and UK Net Zero Target to aim for the replacement of all Jet A-1 fuel uses to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), a type of biofuel that will reduce Greenhouse gas emissions, over the next 3-5 years.

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