One of the friendliest countries to set up your startup


Have you ever thought of starting a business in Finland? Well, you might consider after reading this. Finland has a stable environment for anyone who would like to start a new business. According to the World Innovation Index 2019, Finland ranked No. 1 for Business Environment in the World. Aside from its business environment, it is also The Most Stable Country in the World – the 14th year in a row Fund for Peace, Fragile States Index 2019. So politically, Finland is a good country to live in. 

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Finland has become a highly industrialized, knowledge-based, and innovative economy based on free trade and openness to investment in the globalized economy. Finland is also listed as the 3rd Most Innovative Country in the World Innovation Champion, The Consumer Technology Association 2019. 

Why is it a perfect country to set up a startup company? Well, a startup company in Finland is a collaboration between the state, startups, companies, and the highly ranked universities. Creating another opportunity to work along with recent graduates and younger generations. Not only that, Finland offers good business funding, in fact, during 2020 it funded startups with 142M€, which shows that the state is supportive of creating new business and working with the younger generation to provide more job opportunities. 

In Finland, the state organized an annual meet-up for startup investors through The Slush in Helsinki. The event previously gathered up to 20,000 people from over 100 countries. However, during the pandemic, the event has been brought in virtual form. 

So what kind of market are you looking for? In Finland, you could look for a Bio-based business, Food, Health, Education, and many others. The country itself has a very good environment to work in and received recognition as the Happiest Country in the World – 4th year in a row by The World Happiness Report 2021. This is important for everyone’s mental health being since ⅓ of the world population have expressed themselves that they have experienced stress.  Additionally, you could look for more opportunities in Finland, either from engineering sectors to educational sectors in the section here

And if you are concerned about your children’s education, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Because there are many options for universities and schools for your child. 

Well, after all, Finland is one of the friendliest and greenest countries, and it ranked 3rd on the gender gap at work. 

Having an opportunity to live in one of the friendliest countries means you have a higher chance to build your connection with the people in the business field that you are interested in. Surely you won’t regret venturing into a new life in Finland.

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