There are six cities in the world with the lowest stress levels.


The desire to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life is unavoidable. Traveling abroad is not recommended; however, why don't we put these stress-free cities on our bucket list? Maybe, it will become a real-life someday.

The Least and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021 research analyzed about one hundred cities worldwide based on their stress levels recently. It includes many factors, like public health, city cleanliness, gender equality, and security to its people’s welfare level. 

With beautiful scenery and a proper transportation system, there are six cities in the world with the lowest stress levels. 

Bern, Switzerland

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A list released this week by online healthcare service Treated has put Switzerland capital Bern at third on the list for healthy means. Bern has earned its spot on the list, from clean air and water to have low CO2 emissions and the highest quality of life of any city surveyed. 

Reykjavik, Iceland

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The capital of Iceland has virtually no pollution, drinking water pollution and inaccessibility are very low, and so is dissatisfaction with green areas and parks in the city. Reykjavik plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2040 by reversing urban sprawl and promoting walking, cycling, and public transport. Iceland became one of the first countries to ratify the Paris climate deal with a unilateral parliamentary vote.

Helsinki, Finland

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Helsinki is a healthy place to call home. It is easy to breathe, nature is always near, and it is easy to get around on foot in the city center. You don't need to own land to access nature. Everyone in Finland has equal rights to the outdoors. The omnipresent everyman's right, 'freedom to roam,’ allows you to the boat, swim, and move around in nature, pick berries and mushrooms, provided that one does not disturb anyone by trespassing or harming plants and animals.   

Graz, Austria

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The second-largest of the cities in Austria, Graz is home to over 440,000 residents. Because the city also has so many great universities, it is popular with students. Its location towards the south of Austria also means it has a more temperate climate. Nevertheless, expats will find that the biggest drawback of Graz is that it is less international and touristy than places like Vienna. 

Oslo, Norway

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Oslo, alongside Copenhagen and Amsterdam, is ranked at the top of a list by Greenpeace, ranking European capital cities with transport systems. At the bottom is Rome. Safe roads and clean air go hand in hand. The study shows that people also get cleaner air and safer roads when you upgrade public communications sustainably.

Wellington, New Zealand

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It's not all bad being one of the world's windiest cities. The freshness of Wellington's air has just seen it ranked second on a list of the 10 cleanest capitals. The Daily Telegraph has named Wellington second only to Stockholm. The capital is a guide for travelers looking for a "clean city break.” The list comes in response to a new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that suggests pollution now poses a more significant threat to human health than HIV and Ebola.

Do you want to go there or maybe even want to live there?

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