Halloween is coming! Are you looking for a movie that can accompany your Halloween night? Here are five popular movies on Netflix that can accompany your Halloween night.


Halloween is coming!

The tension resulting from the horror storyline, and music, coupled with the "appearance" of mystical characters, is a special attraction that makes movies in this genre popular for viewing, especially on Halloween.

Are you looking for a movie that can accompany your Halloween night?

Here are five popular movies on Netflix that can accompany your Halloween night.



Aftermath is a movie by Peter Winter, released in 2021. The story is about a young married couple who just moved into their dream home without knowing what had happened in that house.

This thriller movie is based on a true story. It follows the story of an American couple who tries to revitalize their relationship by changing the environment.

But what if the previous house owners died because of murder and suicide? Is their life still better with anything that happened in that house before?


Mr. Kerrigan's Phone

Adapted from Stephen King's book with the same title, the movie can finally be watched on Netflix starting October 7th, 2022.

Tells the story of the friendship between a teenager named Craig and an old billionaire, Mr. Harrigan. The death of Mr. Harrigan must end their friendship after he receives the phone as a gift from Craig. Craig buried his best friend along with the phone. 

Shortly after Mr. Harrigan’s death, strange incidents occur in Craig's life. One by one, Craig's bullies kept getting mysterious messages. 

Is it a coincidence, or does it have something to do with the buried cell phone with Mr. Harrigen before?


No One Gets Out Alive

Based on Adam Nevill's novel, Menghini's "No One Gets Out Alive" explores the real-life horror of how undocumented immigrants are exploited using a conventional horror movie construct.

This movie highlights the story of a female immigrant who has to face a series of nightmares in a house full of mystery and wants to go out of that house.

Can she get out of their house if there is 'No One Gets Out Alive'?



Lifting the story of a mother trying to move past her traumatic childhood and shifting to an American farm along with her daughter, Amanda must face the past that comes back to haunt her when she receives her mother's ashes.

Past trauma, dark-dominated cinematography,  tension, and jump scare that fills every part of this film will lead you to an explanation of what happened and how Amanda, her son, faced the curse of the ashes they received.

What happened in the past to make this terrible curse happen?



The movie claimed to be the scariest and best-selling horror movie of all time, has gone viral and become a hot conversation topic on social media.

Inspired by true events in Taiwan in 2005, the film Incantation tells the story of Li Ronan, a mother who tries to protect her daughter from a curse.

Many things can make Incantation popular, especially in Asia, and present a gripping horror experience. Starting from choosing stories that are familiar to Asian people but managed to be presented very maturely, supported by careful writing of the scenario, and also the selection of the chosen documentary style that makes the audience dragged into the story.

What kind of curse causes the character to experience the horrific occurrence of spiritual beings who try to take his life?

That's a list of some horror movies that can be used as an option to watch this Halloween season. Which movie is on your watch list?

Grab your popcorn, turn on your Netflix and enjoy your movie now!


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