If you had seen "Girl From Nowhere" and happened to like it, check out some of these similar TV series to add to your watch list.


It's been over a month since "Girl From Nowhere: Season 2" aired. The Thai Netflix series was released back in 2018, and it quickly became popular due to its creepy yet magical feel. It tells the story of Nanno, a mysterious girl who transfers to a new school. She later proceeds to uncover the dark secrets kept within the school grounds. 

The second season ended in eight episodes. Though we cannot magically create a new season for you, we've created a list of other similar series that you can watch (and enjoy) while waiting for Nanno's return. 

Courtesy of Thirteen Terrors


ThirTEEN Terrors

As the title suggests, "ThirTEEN Terrors" comprises 13 episodes of terrorizing stories. The Thai horror series, like "Girl from Nowhere", tells about a group of teens trying to expose the dark truth behind the school's mysteries and brutal history. Instead of just one entity, the students of the school are indiscriminately haunted by wronged spirits. 

You can enjoy this series without worrying about the plot continuity. The different episodes present the views of varying students as well as their experience in the supernatural world. Each episode is also helmed by different directors. 

The series is also similar to "Girl from Nowhere" in the way that it delivers social commentary through the lens of high school students struggling with teenagers' issues. It has only one season, but it also comes with a special. 

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"Extracurricular" is a South Korean TV series. It follows an honor high school student named Ji Soo (Kim Dong-Hee). Due to his less fortunate economic background, he has to earn enough money to continue his study at university. Later, his passion for higher education leads him to a serious crime. 

Min-Hee (Jung Da-Bin) and Kyu-Ri (Park Joo-Hyun), who attend the same high school as Ji-Soo, find themselves involved in Ji-Soo's crime. Everything is going well until Seo Min-hee (Jung Da-bin) gets caught by the police. What will happen to them now?

Courtesy of Death Note


Death Note

You likely know this one already, but in case you didn't. "Death Note" is a 2017 American supernatural crime and thriller series adapted from the Japanese manga of the same name. Starring Nat Wolf, it tells the story of Light Yagami, a bullied teenager who lives a miserable life. He later finds a supernatural notebook that can kill anyone — he only needs to write a name. 

Now able to kill anyone he wishes, he begins to inscribe the names of people he deems unworthy of living. But at what cost does this new lethal boon come?

You can watch all three series above right now on Netflix. Happy binging!

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