Lombok's iconic Mount Rinjani has many to offer if you are looking for instagrammable pictures. But there are more.


With the growing industry of the social media age, Instagram is one of the media to connect, gain knowledge, and interact with other social users. With multi-million users, the term "instagrammable" has been a staple vocabulary, especially among youngsters. 

This time, we focus on Indonesia, specifically Lombok, where the famous MotoGP had been held. Lombok is a small island located in the east of Bali Island. The island's shape is more or less like a "tail" shape. Its main city on the island is Mataram City. 

Since the Dutch colonial era, Lombok's name become famous among Dutch invaders due to Lombok's natural panorama. Once called Little Sunda Island, Lombok comes from the Sasak language, "Lomboq" meaning straight. So, now you know that Lombok Island does not mean spicy chili. Lombok Island has always been well-known since the era of the Majapahit Kingdom. 

With its diverse legends and beliefs, as well as its photogenic sceneries, Lombok has been one of the most visited tourist destinations near Bali. It has many attractive places to offer, but we are here to focus on some of its most instragrammable places aside from restaurants. 

Pusuk Monkey Forest
Pusuk Monkey Forest is a range of natural beauty that lies within the woodland encompassing Mount Rinjani. The verdant slopes are filled with troupes of long-tailed macaques, that, while friendly, still might put their hands on your food and sunglasses. 

The recommended way to explore the forest is by foot so you really get a chance to roam the roads, stopping off and taking pictures anytime you like with your friends, family, and the furry friends around the area. 

Tiu Kelep Waterfall
Waterfalls are another thing that makes Lombok beautiful. Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile Waterfalls are found in Senaru, near Mount Rinjani. It means that after going to the forest, you can simply make your way to this waterfall if you have extra time. 

In this area, you can start your adventure by going on mini hikes, waking up early, and catching the sunrise before stopping to take pictures with both of the waterfalls. To get to the waterfall, you do need to cross a few rivers which might add up to the challenge of the adventure itself. For safety purposes, you can hire local guides (although it is not obligatory). 

Mount Rinjani Crater Lake
Another Instagram-friendly spot in Lombok near Mount Rinjani is the crater lake. Standing at 3,726 meters, Mount Rinjani is the mammoth volcano in the north of the island. 

Travelers can hike up and even stay overnight on the mountain for new experiences. While the mount is still an active volcano- with its most recent eruption in 2010- Rinjani offers visitors a chance to test their hiking prowess with a tortuous trek over two to three days to the crater lake or summit. 

The blood, sweat, and tears that might be a part of the hike will surely make your Instagram post worth picture-perfect as not many can successfully endure the trip. 

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