These galleries facilitate all forms of art, support all emerging artists, and encourage new generations to appreciate art.


In a city as diverse and dynamic as Jakarta, no wonder the art scene is alive and flourishing. If you are an art fan visiting or living in Jakarta, you are in for an exciting ride! These five galleries facilitate all forms of art whether it's paintings, installations, or live performances; support all emerging artists; and encourage new generations to appreciate art.

Head to any of the art galleries we profile today and explore the various arts of Indonesian and international art for yourself. 


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Originally founded as Mon Décor in 1983 by Martha Gunawan, this pioneering private gallery is one of the most respected art institutions in the city. With a collection of over 2,500 artworks, the space won the ‘Best Gallery of the Year’ award in 2010. In 2011, Mon Décor was transformed into an arts institution now called Art:1, and relocated to the Kemayoran area.

This new space rejuvenated the city’s contemporary art culture. Art:1 is split into two buildings; Art:1 New Museum houses a permanent collection of works by prominent modern Indonesian masters such as Haji Widayat, Made Wianta, and Anusapati, while Artspace:1 focuses on contemporary works by emerging Indonesian and international artists such as Syaiful Boen and Aditya Novali, with a space that encourages interaction and exploration.

ARTsphere Gallery

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Considering itself a hub for artists, collectors, and art lovers, ARTsphere Gallery focuses on contemporary art from young Indonesian talent coming out of Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Bandung, with the aim to promote the nation’s unique art scene both at home and abroad. The gallery was founded in 2006 by Maya Sujatmiko, an arts academic and professional, with a remit to actively contribute to and develop the Indonesian art scene.

Past exhibitions have included the thought-provoking sculptures of Renjani Damais-Arifin, the powerful abstractions of Tisna Sanjaya, and the playful paintings of Tatang BSP. Previously based in Dharmawangsa Square, ARTsphere is now housed in a slightly smaller space at the Kemang Icon, making it a convenient stop while visiting other galleries in the area.

Edwin’s Gallery

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Another frontrunner on the Jakartan art scene, Edwin’s Gallery was established in 1984 by renowned photographer Edwin Rahardjo. Starting out of a small gallery space and studio in his parents’ garage, the gallery has grown and developed over the years to become one of the most active institutions in the city.

Now located in the Kemang area of Jakarta, the gallery has hosted more than 150 exhibitions, presenting work by more than 200 artists from Indonesia and beyond. These include some of the country’s most prominent contemporary artists, such as the sculptor Nyoman Nuarta and Surrealist painter Ivan Sagita. The gallery has also worked to promote Indonesian art on the world stage at international shows in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Venice. Edwin’s Gallery was also one of the first galleries to introduce Chinese avant-garde art to the Indonesian public, presenting artists such as Zhang Xiaogang and Fang Lijun at a 2003 exhibition called From China with Art at the National Gallery of Indonesia.

Galeri Hadiprana

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Galeri Hadiprana is the longest operating gallery in Jakarta, promoting fine art in Indonesia. Born out of founder Hendra Hadiprana’s search for beauty in the confusing, broken city of Jakarta after he returned home from studying in the Netherlands, this gallery survived the economic turmoil of the 1960s to bring art to the appreciation of the wider public.

Having evolved through the decades, the gallery is now housed in a large, flexible space with movable walls – befitting of a modern art institute. Hadiprana has promoted and mentored many of Indonesia’s now-celebrated artists such as renowned writer and painter Danarto, Yusuf Affendi, and Made Gunawan. Galeria Hadiprana continues to promote the best of Indonesian contemporary art, staging exhibitions with a deep sense of respect and wonder for the country’s cultural identity and the gallery’s history.



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Established in 2000, ruangrupa is an artist-led, non-profit organization that aims to support the progress of the local art scene through various initiatives, festivals, workshops and projects. Since 2008, the group opened RURU Gallery, which provides an exhibition space for young artists and curators. The group also facilitates Jakarta 32°C, a biennale showcasing the work of Jakarta students, and the international biennial OK. Video Festival, as well as publishing Karbon, the only Indonesian contemporary art magazine. Come here to see the youthful, experimental edge of Indonesian creativity.



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