A career break is not as bad as it looks. It is found that a career break can actually pave your way to skyrocket to better career.


While the great pandemic has changed the ways people live before the spread,  it also provides people with a better perspective of life which includes evaluating priorities. 

A question you might ever ask yourself are for example, how much time do they, as in the company, want to spend in an office? What condition do I prefer when working? What type of job is ideal for me? or is it time to switch careers?  

Finding a greater meaning of work has been real more than ever. In an unprecedented shift of the great awakening and great resignation, companies and employees have begun to notice how essential it becomes to retain talents as they began to prepare to return back to their "normal" life. While change is never easy, taking a career break is likewise. 

A career break may perhaps be considered to have a negative connotation in your environment. However, the truth is no one knows what you are going through and it is only you who feels whether you need to replenish your physical and mental health. 

Though there might be a bad stigma to a career break, it actually brings benefits, especially when it could find better direction and happiness in your career. Not to mention, as companies are restive because of the employees' constant resignation, taking a break means helping the companies from the hassle, in case you decide on a career change. 

In the end, it could only bring you a good reputation when you are finally ready to work, as you will be claimed as one of their loyal employees. Here are the benefits of a career break.

Gain new perspectives
Taking a career break for personal reasons can help as you truly figure out what you want in life and your career. As you spend some time away from a job, you will grow to know and love or hate that a career break can refresh your mind and enable you to see the things you have been missing out on all this long. In a nutshell, having time to reevaluate gives greater clarity to make the best choices for your future. 

Learn new skills
During a career break, you can develop new skills, for personal purposes or skills for a future job. For example, you can learn and gain digital skills or marketing skills that allow you to be more knowledgeable and help you grow a career in the tech industry. 

Improve family relationship
With a career break, you can have more time with your family. This time off can help you enrich the quality of your family's relationships. It also enables you to see and to balance between work and family. 

Reassess career
Having a break can help you prioritize things accordingly. Through a career break, it is an opportunity to reevaluate and reassess your career and what you have been doing or aiming for so far. Additionally, use this chance to reflect on where you are standing and if it is align with your initial goal and mission in life. 

Look after mental health
Jobs can strain your mental health. Burnout which often leads to mental health issues and is commonly found in adults is the reason why a career break is ideal. A career break can let you breathe to see on the better side of it as you realize that there no job worth compromising health, mentally and physically. 

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