A virtual influencer is A fictional computer-generated 'person' who have humans' realistic characteristics, features, and personalities.


A new world called Metaverse is getting recognized in real life. At first, Metaverse was only recognized in the fitness industry and became the one who recognized Metaverse to us. But in the future, industries from other fields also do penetrate the Metaverse.

Knowing that there is a significant potential behind Metaverse, a new marketing strategy emerges to adapt to market needs. One of the marketing strategies that become a trend is a virtual influencer


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What is a virtual influencer?

According to Influencer Match Maker, virtual influencer, also called CGI, is fictional computer-generated 'people' who have humans' realistic characteristics, features, and personalities. They are becoming a real force to be reckoned with in the influencer marketing industry. More of them are emerging on Instagram every week, and more brands are queuing up to get involved with this futuristic marketing means.

The first Metaverse human comes from Thailand

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A branding agency in Bangkok, Thailand, named SIA, knew there was a marketing strategy change when Metaverse became 'a thing' in the future. Therefore, they created the first virtual influencer called AI Ailynn. She is 21 years old.

AI Ailynn can be anything we want, can do anything, and will keep developing herself to become a better version of herself. She is a virtual influencer who is smart, modern, mysterious, confident, and brave. AI Ailynn has a standard human characteristic, such as blood type AB, and has a height of 165 cm.

A virtual influencer in social media

Her Instagram account, @ai_ailynn, has more than seven billion followers. In her feeds, we can see her photos like an authentic influencer. She does what an 'average human' does, like going to the museum, eating in restaurants, and others. 

Seeming like this is the most innovative thing, but AI Ailynn turns out not the first virtual influencer. Lu does Magalu, who comes from Brazil, took her step earlier with 5,6 billion followers. Also, Lil Miquela comes from LA, USA, with 3 billion followers, and Knox Frost, a virtual man influencer from Atlanta, the USA, with more than seven hundred followers. 

How do they work?

Of course, virtual influencers don’t actually ‘exist’ by the word's traditional meaning, so how do they work?

Behind each of them are clever creators—brands and individuals with a keen eye for technology—who remain faceless. They are responsible for growing their Instagram platforms and molding these virtual figures into the internationally recognized influencers they are quickly becoming.

The creators choose the way they look, dress, and act. They also decide who they hang out with, date, fall out with and collaborate with on Instagram. Best of all, they get to keep the money these influencers make from their brand deals.

These creators then edit their influencers onto whatever backdrops they want. So, if they have created the type of influencer who likes to travel, all they need is a high-res backdrop image of some far-flung location, and the virtual influencer can tick it off their bucket list.



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