Transforming Schools with Innovative Technology Integration and Comprehensive Curriculum


In a move set to transform the landscape of education in Indonesia, Koding Next, a leading provider of coding and technology education for children across Southeast Asia, has announced the launch of Future Classroom. This innovative platform aims to empower schools across Indonesia by seamlessly integrating technology and coding education into their curriculum.

Addressing Critical Challenges

Indonesian schools have long grappled with the challenge of incorporating essential coding education into their syllabi. Factors such as limited access to skilled coding educators, the rapid evolution of technology requiring constant curriculum updates, and the high costs associated with acquiring advanced devices have hindered progress in this area. Future Classroom directly tackles these challenges with its groundbreaking features:

  • Engaging Learning Environment: The platform offers interactive video content and text lessons tailored to modern educators and students, fostering a dynamic learning experience.
  • Empowering Educators: With built-in AI-powered code checkers and error suggestions, educators of varying coding expertise can confidently lead technology classes.
  • Streamlined Learning Journey: Future Classroom provides comprehensive student progress insights and classroom management tools, allowing schools and teachers to optimize the learning experience effectively.

Evolving Curriculum, Lasting Impact

Developed by experts at Koding Next, the comprehensive curriculum spans the entire K12 spectrum, offering students the opportunity to explore various technological domains. From basic algorithms to advanced fields like robotics, Python programming, AI, design, and mobile app development, the curriculum undergoes rigorous review and enhancement every six months to ensure it remains current and relevant.

Accessibility and Democratization

Committed to democratizing access to technology education, Future Classroom boasts a cloud-based infrastructure, eliminating the need for schools to invest in expensive hardware. Moreover, it is fully functional on basic devices like Chromebooks with internet access, allowing broader participation and fostering greater impact across Indonesian schools.

Collaboration for Innovation

Future Classroom is a collaborative effort, drawing on technological partnership expertise from STEMI (Croatia) and valuable insights from esteemed advisors, including PhD graduates from Harvard School of Education.

Koding Next: A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in Indonesia by Polish entrepreneurs Bartek Wasik and Mateusz Rybinski, Koding Next has emerged as a prominent player in coding and technology education throughout Southeast Asia. Operating over 25 branches and implementing successful coding programs in more than 70 schools, Koding Next boasts a strong track record. Their commitment to global educational impact is further evidenced by their expansion to Thailand and Poland, along with their partnership with leading textbook publisher Marshall Cavendish, reaching over 17 countries.

Future Classroom: Beyond Learning, A Gateway to the Future

Koding Next envisions Future Classroom as more than just a learning platform; it serves as a gateway to the future of education, equipping every student with the potential to become a tech-savvy innovator.

Contact Koding Next to learn more about how Future Classroom can empower your school and prepare the next generation of technological leaders.

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