Would you buy Nokia now?


Nokia is increasingly consolidating its position as a reliable and rugged mobile phone.

The Finnish mobile phone brand has just released a powerful new product that no longer needs a protective case.

This was announced on the Nokia social network page. The badge was first affixed in 1865, showing the shape of the back of the X20.

"With our new Nokia phones, you don't need a phone case anymore," the USS Feed quoted in the photo. The announcement is also accompanied by an official release date, which is on July 27, 2021.

Unfortunately, this announcement does not contain other information, such as specifications or materials to be used. Therefore, if you are wondering, it may take a while for this phone to be released later this month.

Although Nokia remains silent on its next rugged mobile phone, there have been rumors on the Internet that it will be the XR20. The phone has 800 toughness and durability. Just like the X10 and X20, this phone is powered by the Snapdragon 480 chipset and 4 GB of RAM.

Nokia has always been known for its sturdy and durable designs. So, here are some legendary Nokia mobile phones.


Nokia N91 (2005)


Photo Courtesy of jadul.poll


Nokia N91 may be the ugliest Nokia phone ever. Mobile phones dominate the alternatives, and the design of the screen is very prominent, stainless steel weighing phone and music controls. You have been included in the slideshow. A series of software bugs delayed the release of Nokia N91 for nearly a year.

Nokia pressed the envelope. These front buttons hint at Nokia N91's party trick: 4GB of internal music storage space. Before the Nokia N91, no other mobile phone had such ample memory. With limited inventory, buyers rushed to buy a mobile phone, just like an MP3 player. The Nokia N91 was so successful that Nokia launched a black 8GB version.


Nokia 900 (2009)


Nokia N900 was ahead of its time when it was launched in 2009. The shape of this 3.5-inch smartphone is fascinating. Its screen can be slid out, tilted, and then opened with a horizontal QWERTY keyboard. Combined with the Linux-based Maemo 5 operating system, the Nokia N900 has proven to be a reliable device.

When you are tired of work, you just slide it, open the back stand and watch the movie. The Nokia N900 has no universal appeal, but smartphone buyers love it tirelessly.


Nokia 7210 (2002)


Photo Courtesy of nokia_vintage_phones


Color finally appeared on the Nokia 7210 mobile device. Nokia chose a 1.5-inch screen and 128 x 128 resolution and an important accessory: the docking camera.

These two features make 7210 worth the money because the phone is damaged by an uncomfortable keyboard.


Nokia 8810 (1998)


The most popular Nokia mobile phone is Nokia 8810. Except for the plastic strips used to transmit signals, the entire phone is chrome-plated. Supply will be limited. Nokia 8810 not only opened the door to its successor, but also opened the door to all uniquely designed mobile phones.

Nokia 8810 is the first mobile phone with a built-in antenna. The built-in antenna is draining battery life, but due to the type of build it wants and the limited build, Nokia can't make it fast enough.


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