From culture to technology, China is doing its best to make the Winter Olympics more appealing.


The XXIV Olympic Winter Games will start in Beijing on February 4. It will be the second time Beijing held the Winter Olympics, and it coincides with the Spring Festival in China.

Since the Spring Festival is one of the most important holidays in China, people will celebrate the Winter Olympics with great enthusiasm and cultural integration.

During the Spring Festival, people have various customs. For instance, on the day after the opening ceremony, people usually eat dumplings. On the 15th day, they light up lantern festivals and eat yuanxiao (sticky rice balls with various fillings). Also, people often visit temple fairs and have fun there.

The gourmet food and other festivities that usually take place during the Spring Festival will be featured during the Winter Olympics, so they will not be out of reach of the press and athletes participating in the Winter Olympics.

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Snow and ice-related activities in China
People took ice beds or bingchuang as a recreational activity during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Since it was considered stylish and elegant, drinking wine while riding bingchuang was considered a modern twist on old folk art.

Figure skating was also a popular recreational activity during the Qing Dynasty. In the game of bingxi, skaters would mimic animals by imitating their movements.

It was also noted that the Chinese's desire for a peaceful society and harmony between nature and humans were reflected in the various winter activities.

When a Gen-Z girl took to the slopes in her red Hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing, she got many likes due to her spontaneous and adventurous spirit.

Additionally, the designs of the Olympic rings and star trails in the Olympic medal (Tongxin) also reflect China's traditional harmony between humans and nature. The construction of the venues for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing and Zhangjiakou was also highlighted by China's efforts to promote eco-friendly development.

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Technology advancement integration in Winter Olympics
On top of cultural integration, the 2022 Winter Olympics also utilizes the latest technology to provide the best experience for all guests.

The ice skating facility for the Games will use the latest ice-making technology, which comprises carbon dioxide transcritical cooling ice. This system allows the ice to maintain its temperature at a level of fewer than 0.5 degrees Celsius.

In preparation for the event, hundreds of robots have been trained to work at the venue, which will serve various tasks such as patrolling, delivering, and disinfection. There will also be about 120 robots serving at the smart restaurant.

Through the integration of western sports culture with China's traditional snow and ice culture and advanced technology, Beijing 2022 will create an enchanting atmosphere for the athletes and spectators.

The Beijing 2022 Olympic Games slogan is "Together for a shared future." It aims to promote cultural integration and unity.

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