Reset your mind with Thailand's leading private villa estate, Samujana.


Do you feel tired or even experience burnout lately? Well, it's not a surprise that everyone deserves a good break. Hence, Thailand’s leading private villa estate, Samujana has created a wellness series that could help you calm your mind while keeping your body active during this pandemic time. 

Photo courtesy of Samujana

The best part is, you could do it while staying at home. What are the activities that you could enjoy with Samujana? You could join a cooking class, yoga, exercise, nutrition, and meditation. Also, Samujana’s wellness classes are free for everyone. You enjoy videos, articles, tutorials, advice for people to be healthy, fit, and ease anxiety at home. And you could access any videos or any tutorials from its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page. 

“We understand that coronavirus has disrupted the exercise and work schedule of people around the world,” said John Dopere, Samujana’s General Manager. “We want people to stay active and healthy at home, and the wellness series is our way to help people achieve this or at least inspire some idea.

“As our guests can’t come to us right now, we want to do what we can to bring Samujana to everyone’s home,” says Karen Slocombe, Director of Sales and Marketing of Samujana.

Meditation: Different types of meditation provide a relaxing effect to fight anxiety and stress, while calming your body and mind. People should at least do Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) meditation for 40-45 minutes per day. While Transcendental Meditation (TM) tradition often recommends 20 minutes, twice daily. 


Yoga and Exercise: Keep the body strong and fit. While doing yoga we stretched some muscle parts that could help us relax. It could loosen up the tension in our body parts like the face, jaw, fingers, or wrists. 


Cooking: Recipes that you can easily recreate for your family at home. If you can’t eat Thai food in Thailand then this is the next best thing and cooking is also a great activity to do as a family and has been shown to reduce anxiety during trying times.


Sleep: Simple strategies that may help relax the body and mind so you can get the sleep that you need. Sleep actually could regulate your mood, which is important because it could affect someone’s concentration. Having to work online and doing everything at home we need a higher concentration as sometimes there is home stuff that we have to deal with.

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