Exploring the Unconventional: A Taste of Spring Onion Coffee at Brew And Else


The ever-evolving landscape of food and beverage trends has introduced a peculiar addition to the mix that's been stirring up a storm among netizens: spring onion coffee. Departing from the conventional blends of caramel, chocolate, or biscuits, this trending beverage has sparked a viral sensation with its unconventional twist – fresh green spring onions topping iced coffee.

Social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions about this unique trend, and finally, spring onion coffee has made its debut in Indonesia, thanks to the innovative minds behind Brew And Else.

Brew And Else, with locations in Ruko Elang Laut PIK and Emerald Mansion Citraland Surabaya, is proudly serving up this unconventional concoction.

Curious to explore this intriguing fusion, we ventured into Brew And Else at Emerald Mansion Citraland Surabaya to experience the sensation of spring onion coffee firsthand.

Upon presentation, the beverage's appearance is strikingly unique – a stark contrast of white from the milk, brown from the coffee, and green from the spring onions. However, upon stirring and tasting, its flavor proves to be equally distinctive.

The marriage of coffee latte with generous amounts of chopped spring onions surprisingly doesn't overshadow the overall coffee taste; instead, the robust flavor of spring onions creates a whole new sensation.

Opinions among coffee enthusiasts regarding this trend vary widely. Some find it intimidating, while others are intrigued to give it a try.

"It looks kinda scary. Haven't dared to try it yet," remarked one patron.

Conversely, another patron shared their unique experience, stating, "I was curious because I'm quite accustomed to eating onions. But mixed with coffee, how do you describe the taste? Unique."

The manager of Brew And Else revealed that spring onion coffee has garnered quite a following among Surabaya residents since its launch.

"We launched it on Monday (last week), and on the second day after the launch, it's been busier than usual. And based on the testimonials of the customers who've tried it, the taste is indeed unique," the manager expressed.

Spring onion coffee has recently emerged as a viral beverage trend, originating from China. According to reports, the buzz around this concoction escalated after it was featured by a Chinese TikToker.

Intrigued to give spring onion coffee a try? Dive into this unconventional beverage trend and experience its unique flavor profile firsthand.

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