Rebuilding Cultural Bridges Between Indonesia and the United States Through Education


Sunday, August 20th marked a significant milestone as eleven U.S. Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) landed in Indonesia, heralding the revitalization of a transformative program paused for three years due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing travel restrictions.

These ETAs will play a pivotal role by assisting in English instruction at Indonesian high schools and vocational institutions across seven provinces: North Sumatra, Jambi, Riau, South Kalimantan, North Sulawesi, Yogyakarta, and Central Java. Their tenure, spanning from August 2023 to April 2024, aims to fortify English language education while fostering cross-cultural exchange and offering insights into U.S. society and culture within the communities they serve.

At a luncheon hosted in his residence on Monday, August 21st, U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia Sung Y. Kim extended a warm welcome to the eleven new ETAs. During the event, Ambassador Kim underscored how their collective efforts could bolster the U.S.-Indonesia strategic partnership. "We are excited about the return of this vital program, and I am pleased to celebrate the resilience and determination that has brought us back together," remarked Ambassador Kim. "Since 1952, the Fulbright program in Indonesia has signified an enduring commitment to nurturing international understanding and collaboration. It epitomizes the shared conviction that education, academic endeavors, and cross-cultural exchanges are pivotal in shaping a more interconnected and improved world."

Dating back to 2004, the Fulbright Commission in Indonesia, known as AMINEF, has been placing Fulbright ETAs within Indonesian high school classrooms. These ETAs work in tandem with local English teachers, engaging students in English-based communication and extracurricular activities, all the while embodying the role of cultural ambassadors.

The eleven newly arrived ETAs will first undergo a three-week orientation in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, coordinated by AMINEF, before embarking on their placements. Their contributions will aid educational advancement across various Indonesian regions and directly support the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology's initiative to augment English language instruction for the nation's youth.

With a rich history of fostering mutual understanding between Americans and Indonesians, the Fulbright ETA program has consistently played a pivotal role. Former ETAs have cultivated an intimate understanding of the country and its people, forging enduring connections and returning in diverse capacities. Notably, Indonesian high school students have made evident strides in their English language proficiency and self-assurance through this program, while high school teachers gain invaluable experience through co-teaching partnerships.

Throughout their eight-month tenure, AMINEF will publish the ETAs' monthly activities on the organization's official website, www.aminef.or.id. As these ETAs endeavor to strengthen educational bonds and invigorate cultural ties, the Fulbright ETA program continues to exemplify the transformative power of international collaboration and shared learning experiences.

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