Which one will become your favorite?


Spicy, sweet, sour, and refreshing! That’s all describing how rujak tastes. Rujak (known as Indonesian fruits salad) is one of the traditional snacks that is very addictive to eat, especially to accompany your day in summer.

Basically, rujak is made from slices of tropical fruits that are very easy to find in Indonesia, like jicama (bengkuang), raw mango, guava, ambarella (kedondong), raw papaya, pineapple, and so on. Commonly, rujak is accompanied by peanut sauce and can be enjoyed in two ways: dipping in sauce or dressing. It turns out rujak has various types across Indonesia. Which one will become your favorite?


Rujak U Groeh

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Originating from Aceh, this salad uses pieces of coconut shell that are still fragile as the main ingredient. Brown sugar, chili, bread flour, and lime juices make Rujak U Groeh is very tasty.  

The crunchy texture comes from its coconut coupled, and the mixed taste of sweet, sour, and spicy creates a unique sensation in the mouth. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy this unique and delicious rujak only in Aceh District. 


Rujak Juhi

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Rujak Juhi is made from wide-cut grilled dried squid or cuttlefish. This Betawi dish is served with sliced ​​cucumber, cabbage, potatoes, yellow noodles, and drizzled with peanut sauce. Don't forget to add a sprinkling of chips and fried peanuts to make it more delicious.


Rujak Cingur 

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Don’t forget to taste Rujak Cingur if you visit East Java. Rujak Cingur is made from cow snout, which has a soft and chewy texture. It is filled with some fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, raw mango, pineapple, bean sprouts, kale, and beans to complement this salad. Sprinkled with savory peanut sauce, Rujak Cingur is even more enriched for this taste of the salad.


Rujak Soto

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Have you tried eating rujak that is combined with soto sauce? Just try Rujak Soto from Banyuwangi. It’s full of boiled vegetables such as kale and bean sprouts, then ground with peanuts, brown sugar, and petis.

It is like a Rujak Cingur, which makes cow snout the main ingredient, and it’s watered with savory and warm broth. The savory taste of the broth blends with the spicy taste of the rujak sauce. Moreover, the aroma of the shrimp paste makes the salad even more appetizing. Delicious!


Rujak Gobet

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Rujak Gobet is another unique dish from East Java. It’s typically like other Surabaya’s Rujak made from fruits such as mango, ambarella (kedondong), pineapple, sweet potato, and shaved grapefruit. This is then doused with a sauce made from palm sugar and fresh tamarind.


Rujak Shanghai

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From the name, it probably sounds like food from China. However, it is actually from Jakarta. The name Shanghai is taken from Shanghai Cinema, West Jakarta, where it was the first place that Rujak Shanghai was sold.

Rujak Shanghai consists of sliced ​​radish, squid, and jellyfish doused in tomato sauce. Sprinkling Koya powder on the top makes this rujak more delicious. 


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