There are various types of events that you're bound to attend one day. Whether casual, business or formal, attires need to be adjusted accordingly.


Navigating dress codes can be confusing, not to mention, there are various types of events that require particular attires as well. 

Whether it is an invitation to a wedding, charity fundraiser, garden party, or gala, it is essential to adjust to those events. From black tie to business casual, formal to cocktail, we have rounded several dress codes appropriate to the particular circumstances. 

Formal Events
Also known as black tie events, many would say that formal events could be confusing because they can go with a floor-length gown and tux, but they can also go simply with a cocktail dress or a three-piece suit and tie. 

Formally, what's "proper" depends on the preferences of the host, especially if you are trying to impress someone at the event. However, anything too short or ditching ties and suit jackets are not recommended. 

What to wear

For the ladies, a floor-length evening gown is always recommended. You can also try on a tux-style pantsuit to try the trending androgynous dressing nowadays. Meanwhile, for the gents, try to stick with a classic white shirt, simple tie, and dress shoes. You can try a colored or patterned pocket square and a pair of cufflinks to add some flair. Sticking to navy or grey is one of the ideas for your colored suit. 

Cocktail Events

Also known as semi-formal or after-five, a cocktail event is, like its name suggests, a party where cocktails are served. It is sometimes also called cocktail reception, where the event is organized for social or business networking. 

Traditionally, the event refers to a knee-length party dress, but nowadays, it has become more flexible in its dress code choices. 

What to wear

Something fierce is recommended for ladies in this typical 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. event. The use of bold-prints accessories is encouraged. For this event, try a long skirt and crop top combo. An off-the-shoulder crop top can give semi-formal impressions to your way to social interaction. Meanwhile, men are still encouraged to wear lounge suits. However, in some cases, you can lose the tie. Another way, you can go for a white shirt, neutral pants, and a sporty jacket. 

Business Events

Also known as an office-appropriate event, these events are held for business purposes or gatherings. In this case, expected clothing can often be more casual than the other two kinds of events.

What to wear

For women, go for open-collared shirts and sweaters with a pencil skirt and tailored pants. Dresses are okay, too, as long as they are not too short. Hemlines should be kept at knee-length or just above. Neutral colors are recommended. Heels or pumps are fine  — just not sandals or running shoes that might reduce the elegance of your attire. For men, try to dress as if you were about to have an important business presentation.

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