The use of feminine ingredients mixed with masculine exotic Middle Eastern fragrances can be an option for this year.


The world of perfume, like the world of fashion, is constantly changing and moving with the times. This includes the choice of men's perfume, which has also changed, especially in certain odors that have been identified as men's fragrances.

In the 1980s, men's fragrances were always "fresh and clean" or "fresh and sexy." It was also simple and became a tool to show the user's masculinity and the strength that comes from the main ingredients: Citrus, Fougere, and Woody.

Currently, men's perfumes have changed drastically. They are increasingly diverse, thanks to the creative hands of fashion designers, niche brands, and big names of perfume manufacturers and independent perfume makers.

Perfume manufacturer Maison 21G recently presented several products that broke the standard in the world of men's perfume. They believe every identity has the opportunity to use a unique fragrance according to their style and personality. Still, more than that, being able to create a perfume for themselves.


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The choice of fragrance for men's perfumes in the 21st century is not limited to options that have been intended for men only but can be mixed with the feminine side. Maison 21G offers Tuberose mixed with Oud Outshine, a fresh, crisp green Muguet with intense Cashmere Wood, and a delicate Rose with a spicy Havana Harvest tobacco note. Maison 21G also offers a unique Geranium Gem and Clandestine Carnation scent in our Black Collection, designed for and entirely accessible for men.

Some feminine scents such as amber, tonka, and even vanilla can be used in modern men's perfumes. Maison 21G products, Terrific Tonka with sandalwood and Vanilla Venus with Cedarwood, target male consumers who like their unique aroma. This perfume manufacturer has also developed a Black collection with the distinctive smell of Cognac mixed with Patchouli and Oak Wood to become Secret Spirit.

Maison 21G also offers its consumers a perfume with a fresh scent and character, something that is always sought after by men. This familiar scent is available with Fougere ingredients (Azzaro, Drakkar Noir, Aqua di Gio, and R de Rabanne), or the sensual Fougere (Pour un Homme de Caron, Le Male, and Code among others), which can be blended to get an authentic perfume that is unique to everyone. 

Fresh Fougere structure can be given thrillingly sparkling faces with the introduction of natural ingredients, such as Rhubarb Rapsody and Ginger Game. You can also elevate the sexiness and sensuality with the addition of Terrific Tonka or spicy Havana Harvest accords. Furthermore, Black Collection features the iconic Violette Leaves accord — called Violette Vintage, a deeply enticing scent essence inspired by Gray Flannel and Fahrenheit — allowing men to experience distinctive elegance while crafting something that is utterly their own.

The perfume industry is also seeing opportunities from the scents characteristic of the Middle East, exotic aromas with distinctive fragrance ingredients. Its signature features are the smokiness of leather to the deeply warm and woody oud. Other dark woods notes full of patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver essences, have been leaped upon by the biggest names in the industry.


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Maison 21G is also trying to get materials that are inspired by eastern culture. Ingredients such as cannabis essence, made with a unique fraction of patchouli (taking only the dark woody side of this celebrated ingredient) which boasts an incredibly addictive sillage that blends beautifully with rhubarb and sage — perfect for the modern man looking for a genuinely enticing edge to his scent wardrobe. The Black Collection Maison 21G line presents Leather Lust inspired by Arabica coffee extract, which results in a new palette of darkly seductive scents.

In recent years, the trend in men's fragrances is the realization that odors don't need to be static throughout the year. Change needs to be present but still express the personality and mood intended for the environment and climate in which you live. The ever-popular Must-Have Eau Sauvage encapsulates this spirit with impressive panache, offering the opportunity to add a new dimension to citrus fragrances with notes of white tea (again, a highlight of our Black Collection called Tea Temptation) and Orange Blossom shimmering in along the long-lasting charm of Cashmere Wood or the iconic Orris Opera.

Are you interested in making your own Maison 21G fragrance? You can order online today or at Boutiques Marina Bay Sands, L1 – 32, The Shoppes and Flagship Store, 77 Duxton Road, Singapore, Monday to Sunday, 10pm – 10pm (+65 9477 7818).


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