Meet the time-honored tradition of Semadi.


Meditation, also known as Semadi in Javanese, is a relaxing practice that entails removing the mind from all things that are pleasant, burdensome, or worrying in daily life. In other words, meditation liberates people from the agony of having good and bad ideas tied intimately to specific subjective evaluations.

Semadi has been practiced since the era of Javanese Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms. It was usually performed by knights and palace dwellers in order to acquire an inner calm and collect "dayaning urip" (life energy).

Health benefits of meditation

Semadi is rarely employed for mysticism-related purposes. Rather, it is increasingly being used to relieve stress and overcome numerous disorders that have been medically validated. Anyone can practice meditation anywhere and at any time. There is no specialized equipment. When practiced daily, meditation can give significant benefits to one's inner calm and mental health.

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Semadi is typically practiced by sitting silently and breathing gently and regularly for 15-50 minutes. Meditation focuses one's mind on maintaining a clear perspective and remaining calm in the face of life's many challenges, and it will be more effective if done in a lovely and serene open space.

When a person feels stressed, the body releases epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine, which cause blood flow and blood pressure to increase. Since meditation puts unpleasant ideas that create stress aside, the mind will be calmer as a result, and the heart rate, blood flow, and blood pressure will return to normal.

Meditation is effective in stimulating gamma waves in the brain, in addition to providing inner calm. Gamma waves are essential for learning, focus, memory, and awareness. As a result, many people believe that meditation trains the brain to produce only pleasant emotions, one of which is happiness.

Enjoy meditation at Amanjiwo 

Amanjiwo is a hidden jewel for people seeking a tranquil retreat to unwind, revitalize, and reconnect with loved ones and one's inner self. It was named "Peaceful Soul" for the serenity of its environment in Central Java's cultural core. 

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The resort is pleased to launch the Candra Kirana (Beautiful Moon) Celebration, a series of two-night spiritual-wellness experiences hosted by renowned spiritual and cultural practitioners Joko Triagung, Sugeng Karyanto, and the resort's resident anthropologist Patrick Vanhoebrouck. These experiences are inspired by the celebration of the full moon day, also known as "purnama", a sacred day showered with numerous blessings.

From January 16 to 18, 2022, guests are invited to join a curated journey that will immerse them in captivating cultural experiences, fascinating spiritual wellness sessions, and inspiring lectures on the history of Shiva Buddha Tantra, as well as participate in a "Pradakshina" ceremony on the day of purnama. 

Guests and non-residents alike can choose to participate in one of the retreat's activities or the complete two-day itinerary. The spiritual wellness experience at Amanjiwo will be available to guests on a quarterly basis throughout the year. 

Candra Kirana will be celebrated in May 2022 in conjunction with Vesak Day and October 2022 in conjunction with the second Celebration of Ancient Wisdom. These programs are arranged in a three-night spiritual-wellness experience for a more heightened holistic journey into self-healing.

Nourishment of the spirit

The Candra Kirana Celebration begins with the presence of monks in the lobby of Amanjiwo who chant gracefully to demonstrate their commitment to Buddhist teachings. 

Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the stories and history of Borobudur's famed temple in an engaging session with Vanhoebrouck, followed by a dinner at Pak Bilal's House for an enchanting glimpse of Javanese rural life while absorbing the authentic aromas of Java as a traditional menu is prepared over charcoal burners.

The second day of purnama begins in the morning with a "Pradakshina" stroll around Borobudur temple led by monks from Veluvana Vihara, followed by the release of white doves to honor the traditional Buddhist practice. Back at the resort, enjoy a superb breakfast at The Restaurant while looking out over the rice fields to Borobudur and the volcano-fringed horizon. 

After lunch, guests can participate in a Tapa Brata meditation session with Joko Triagung and Patrick Vanhoebrouck at Goa Kiskendo in the Menoreh Hills, which includes hermitage sites maintained by the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. 

Alternatively, clients can schedule a 90-minute Javanese healing session with Sugeng Karyanto, a Javanese spiritual practitioner of the ancient tradition of Jawadwipa. The adventure continues in the evening with Purnama Siddhi meditation by the serene main pool taught by Patrick Vanhoebrouck and Sugeng Karyanto in preparation for a relaxing sleep in the Amanjiwo suites beneath the full moon.

On the final day, a guided "ruwatan" (purification ceremony) with Joko Triagung is provided at the river area for visitors to finish the serene self-healing retreat before beginning the day with Progo Picnic for a solitude breakfast on the banks of the Progo River.








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