Hong Kong king of comedy Stephen Chow accompanied us through our childhood, why not revisit him this Chinese new year for old time's sake?


There are two types of people; those who grew up liking Stephen Chow and liars. Well, there is a third type, namely those who were not fortunate enough to experience televisions but let's not talk about it today.

Many of us first know the legend from his early 2000s films, namely "Shaolin Soccer" (2001) and "Kung Fu Hustle" (2004). However, his works date way earlier than that. If you are a true 90's kid, you know that his even funnier classics came from that era.

Chow is known for his slapstick comedy and deadpan humor. Many of his skits are just pure nonsense that often makes us facepalm. Chow's films are regularly played on the TV on new year's eve. While the Hong Kong king of comedy is now 58, and we are no longer young either, his works are timeless. Below are the top Stephen Chow movies you should rewatch this new year.

1. Shaolin Soccer - 2001
Shaolin Soccer is the movie that kicked off (pun very much intended) Hong Kong's film industry success abroad. This movie is easily Chow's most successful of all time. The story follows steel-leg Sing, played by Chow himself, a martial art master turned street cleaner and his bid to promote Shaolin Kung Fu's practical benefits to the general public.

One day, Sing meets ex-pro soccer player 'Golden Leg' Fung (played by the late Ng Man-Tat). Fung convinces Sing that he can achieve his goals through soccer. Sing then gathers his Shaolin brothers to form his very own soccer team and comically wins their first professional competition.

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2. Kung Fu Hustle - 2004
Kung Fu Hustle is one of Chow's best works, winning 11 prestigious awards. It follows the story of Sing (a different Sing this time, also starring Chow). Sing suffered from bullying during his childhood, which convinced him that good guys never win. One day, alongside his sidekick, portrayed by Lam Chi-Chung, Sing tried to extort the residents of Pig Sty Alley by pretending to be members of the violent Axe gang, which failed hilariously. Long story short, Sing gest hired by the gang — this is where his character development starts, leading to him realizing his true worth.

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3. From Beijing With Love - 1994
From Beijing With Love is Chow's parody of the 007 franchise. The film follows the adventure of Ling Ling Chat (Chow) in his mission to recover a stolen dinosaur skull. In the middle of the mission, he meets the beautiful Lee Ham-Heung, played by Anita Yuen, which helps him in his taking down of the movie's villain Golden Gun, played by Wong Kam Kong.

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4. The Royal Tramp  - 1992
This movie was based on the famous wuxia novel "The Deer and the Cauldron", written by Louis Cha. Taking place in Qing China, a bard who cannot shut his mouth gets involved in a series of conspiracies, including a plot to assassinate the emperor.





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