Mie bakso is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in Bandung, West Java. Three of these stand out as the best mie bakso in the city.


Mie bakso is one of the most delicious light meals you can find in many parts of Indonesia. They have a huge variety of names and ingredients but the most popular is the basic mie bakso dish consisting of noodles and beef meatballs.

You can find basic mie bakso dishes in almost all parts of Bandung. Whether in a mall's food court, a school's cafeteria, or even hawker stalls and carts on the street, you can always find the delicious bowl of noodle meat.

Here we gathered the four best of the best mie bakso in Bandung. Take a look below.

Bakso Enggal Malang
To have the best experience of  Bakso Enggal Malang you must eat their dish at the spot. Take your bowl and choose the wide variety of toppings from the buffet. They have fried pangsit, fried siomay, fried bakso, and fried lumpia. And their meatball selection includes bakso halus and bakso urat each with two sizes and fillings.

You can add fried shallots and condiments like soy sauce and spicy sauce when you are done with the buffet. Then a server will then top your bowl with broth and charge your food at the counter.

You can fid this restaurant at Dr. Djunjunan No. 61, Pasteur, Bandung open 09.00-22.00 WIB.

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Bakso Semar
Bakso Semar is one of the oldest meatball shops in Bandung having been born back in 1998. The restaurant offers a delectable bowl of meatballs with ribs which will intensify its flavor. You can also ask for the ribs to be paired with yamin. 

Bakso Semar comes with a price of only Rp22,000 for every bowl of meatball, and Rp45,000 for bowls with ribs.

You can find the shop at Cihampelas No. 68, Tamansari opens 24 hours a day.

Bakso Rusuk Samanhudi Dago
Bakso Rusuk Samanhudi Dago offers one of the most delicious ribs meatballs in Bandung. Their selection of meatballs includes bakso urat, mercon, rudal, and egg. One menu stood out from the rest, the bakso jumbo urat super is so large it fills a whole bowl. They offer a few side dish to accompany the dish, including dorokdok, fried pangsit, kerupuk aci, and kerupuk tofu.

A bowl of their rich noodle soup starts from Rp30,000. You can find their restaurant at their branch in Bandung at Dago and at the recently opened in Cihampelas, as well as their branches in Jakarta.

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Mie Bakso Akung
Mie Bakso Akung is a place with a variety of toppings. It has shredded meat, pangsit, tofu, siomay, chicken feet, and typical basic smooth meatballs. They also serve both yellow noodles, yamin, and vermicelli for people who prefer either.

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