Bringing new technologies into the Indonesian manufacturing sector.


With the belief that technology may be a solution to every problem, three University of Indonesia alumni launched a platform that connects packaging makers with their user companies. 

Tjetak was created in 2018 by three friends, Anggara Pranaspati as CEO, Raffisal Damanhuri as Head of Operations, and Hasandi Patriawan as Head of Tech, to address a number of difficulties in the packaging sector.

Packaging manufacturers are typically categorized as small and medium-sized firms that follow traditional business practices. On the other hand, their clients come from a wide range of industries, including fashion, food, and other consumer products. They vary in size as well — from giant brands to micro-firms that demand precise, clear, and timely information.

This imbalance, according to Angga, has resulted in various pain points, including the protracted pricing setting procedure. Then, if the design process is flawed, there will be losses.

"The manufacturing process is also less transparent," said the economics and business graduate from the University of Indonesia.

Their proprietary Tjetak Pricing Engine, which can calculate prices 70 percent faster than standard methods, is used in the pricing process. There is also a Specification and Design Management System capability for customizing product specifications and designs. Customers can also follow products and determine the projected production time through this site.

He noted that there are three types of packing requirements. First, the packaging is required to keep a product safe in the hands of consumers. Second, packaging serves as both product protection and a medium for brand communication. Third, this is usually the case with large-scale consumers that desire supply chain efficiency.

According to Angga, many people are still unaware of the critical role that supporting industries play in ensuring that goods and services reach end-users. 

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"That is our role, the supporting industry that works behind the scenes but plays a significant role," he explained.

Tjetak has worked with various industries for the past three years. According to Angga, the company has grown approximately two or three times since its inception.

"There are approximately 700 large-scale customers, while there are tens of thousands of customers on the micro-scale that we reach through their partners, e-commerce platforms," he said.

Halodoc, Zalora, Sunpride, Decathlon, Erigo, Antam, Jafra, HMNS, Doughlab, and Martabak Orins are among the well-known businesses that have chosen Tjetak as their packaging provider. Packaging product categories are also numerous, ranging from food packaging to accessories, bags, flexible packaging, plain packaging, and rigid boxes.

Inviting investors

Tjetak recently obtained new funding from Vertex Venture, an investment firm and a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings. Tjetak concluded the acquisition of series A funding in August 2020 for an undisclosed amount. 

According to Angga, the funds will be used to expand the firm, client acquisition, and technology development, including boosting the capacity of laboratories and packaging facilities.

In order to support the increased market demand and the need for constant innovation, Angga said it is critical to develop the company's packaging lab and facilities. 

According to Tokopedia data, the number of vendors joining the e-commerce site has increased by a factor of 250. All of these companies, with a combined industrial value of up to Rp 87 trillion, require properly designed packaging to boost their brand value, according to Angga. 

As a result, Tjetak, as a packaging solutions firm focusing on packaging, has a lot of room to grow and service more businesses in Indonesia. It would also continue to innovate by introducing sustainable or ecologically friendly packaging. 

"With the massive increase in retail consumption in Indonesia, Tjetak is committed to fulfilling the strong market demand and developing the packaging it creates," Angga said.






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