East Asia Summit Ambassadors Gather in Bali to Foster Regional Cooperation and Security Initiatives


The Third East Asia Summit (EAS) Ambassadors’ Meeting took place in Bali on 31st July 2023, bringing together Ambassadors from EAS participating countries and representatives from Timor-Leste as Observer. The meeting served as a crucial platform for discussing the progress of the EAS Plan of Action 2018-2022, preparations for the upcoming 18th East Asia Summit scheduled for September, and exchanging information on regional development cooperation initiatives and security policies.

The EAS is a significant forum that promotes dialogue and cooperation among the key countries in the East Asian region. The Ambassadors’ Meeting focused on reviewing the achievements and challenges faced during the implementation of the EAS Plan of Action for the past four years. Participants engaged in constructive discussions, reflecting on the outcomes achieved and seeking ways to strengthen cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

The meeting was attended by Ambassadors from EAS participating countries and their representatives, who brought forth their perspectives on enhancing regional cooperation and addressing shared challenges. In addition, Timor-Leste, as an Observer, played an essential role in providing valuable insights into the broader regional dynamics.

One of the central topics of discussion during the meeting was the preparation for the 18th East Asia Summit, set to take place in September. Ambassadors deliberated on the agenda, potential areas for collaboration, and ways to foster consensus on addressing pressing regional and global issues.

During the gathering, the delegates also engaged in comprehensive deliberations on development cooperation initiatives within the region. They reviewed ongoing projects and explored new avenues for economic growth and social progress through increased collaboration.

Moreover, given the prevailing security challenges in the region, the Ambassadors’ Meeting offered a platform to exchange views on security policies and initiatives. Participants recognized the importance of bolstering collective efforts to ensure peace and stability in East Asia.

The ASEAN Secretariat delegation, led by the Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for ASEAN Political-Security Community, was present to facilitate discussions and provide administrative support. ASEAN's continued involvement in the EAS is pivotal in fostering regional unity and advancing the shared interests of the member states.

The Third East Asia Summit Ambassadors’ Meeting concluded with a commitment to strengthening the spirit of cooperation and inclusivity among EAS countries. Participants emphasized the need to maintain an open and constructive dialogue to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in the region effectively.

As the preparations for the 18th East Asia Summit continue, the outcomes of the Third EAS Ambassadors’ Meeting are expected to serve as a foundation for productive discussions during the main event in September. By nurturing collaboration and understanding, the East Asian nations strive towards a more prosperous and secure future for the entire region.

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