Elevating the Game at 7,000 Feet: Tiger Woods' Vision for Marcella Club in the Majestic Wasatch Mountains


Golf legend Tiger Woods and his course design firm, TGR Design, have set their sights on the scenic landscape of Park City, Utah, as they embark on the first phase of developing Marcella Club, an 18-hole championship course. The announcement was made by Woods on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, marking a significant expansion of his course design portfolio.

The Marcella Club, nestled 7,000 feet above sea level in the breathtaking Wasatch Mountains at Marcella at Jordanelle Ridge, promises to be a golfing haven with initial renderings suggesting a course that could stretch more than 8,000 yards. Each par-5 is anticipated to challenge players with distances exceeding 600 yards, providing a unique and demanding golfing experience at this high-altitude location.

This project signifies Woods' first venture into mountain course design, adding another distinctive feature to his diverse portfolio. Woods previously unveiled his Bluejack National course in 2016, featuring rolling hills and wooded countryside in Montgomery, Texas. El Cardonal at Diamante, the first Woods-designed course to host a PGA TOUR event, is situated in the picturesque dunes of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Payne’s Valley, opened in 2019, bears similarities to the upcoming Marcella Club and is set in the Ozark Mountains near Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.

TGR Design's vision for Marcella Club emphasizes "generous landing areas helping players to keep the ball in play while still challenging players with strategic choices and angles off the tee for the best opportunities to score." This commitment to strategic design reflects Woods' dedication to creating courses that offer challenges while maintaining playability.

Notably, Marcella Club is part of a larger development that will include another golf course and an alpine skiing resort, adding to the allure of this sports and leisure destination. Woods is actively engaged in designing another 18-hole course, Trout National – The Reserve, in collaboration with MLB superstar Mike Trout, situated in southern New Jersey, with construction expected to conclude in 2025.

Construction for Marcella Club is set to commence in the summer of 2024, with an anticipated opening in 2025. TGR Design plans to reveal the designer for the second 18-hole course at Marcella Club at a later date, further enhancing the golfing offerings in this picturesque location. As Tiger Woods continues to leave his mark on the world of golf course design, Marcella Club stands poised to become a landmark destination for golf enthusiasts seeking a unique and challenging experience amid the stunning mountainous terrain of Park City, Utah.

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