Compass and Fxxking Rabbits are launching a new sneakers lineup with a new campaign tease.


Compass and Fxxking Rabbits is back with a new collaboration for their latest campaign, #FR2DOKO, which presents a new line of limited-edition sneakers, "FXXKING COMPASS" Retrograde Slip-On. They invited Rendha Rais as the photographer for this campaign. 

DOKO? Translated to English is "WHERE?" with a unique campaign method. #FR2 held a pop-up shop in 51 area points in Japan, moving from one point to another using a yellow van. Each stop is a mystery and can only be tracked using the application Zenly. 

"FXXKING COMPASS" has been sold and released exclusively from 8th to 10th January 2022 in @FR2GALLERY, Harajuku, Japan. Besides sneakers, this collaboration also presents DOKO's exclusive apparel lineup only sold in-store with limited quantities. 

The release of their limited edition is to encourage young adults to live healthy lives. 

This collection displays a black-colored Retrograde Hi Decon, light blue Retrograde Low and white-colored Retrograde Slip-On. These three shoes are covered by Fxxking Rabbit iconic typography, yellow-colored sole with the design of a stepped-on cigarette butt, Compass branding on the heel tab, Fxxking Rabbits logo on the down right side of the shoe and lastly, there is a cigarette warning that you usually find in a cigarette pack on the heel and sole of the shoe. 

Compass X Fxxkingrabbits's "Smoking Kills" Retrograde has been released on Compass' official website

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More about Fxxkingrabbits

Fxxkingrabbits or #FR2 is a streetwear label from Tokyo, Japan, which first came into existence as a passion project in 2014. It was founded by Ryo Ishikawa, a photographer using his Leica camera. Thus, #FR2 designs and apparel circle around graphic and bold images. The brand is known for its famous "SMOKING KILLS" slogan.    

More about Compass

Compass is a manufacturer of casual sneakers for young Indonesians. It is not a newcomer to the local shoe fashion industry, as it has been around since 1998 and was one of the most worn shoe brands during that time. 

Not wanting to lose with international brands, Compass offers a variety of their finest shoes, innovated and developed to meet the contemporary interests and needs of the Indonesian market share. 

Compass, as a local shoe brand, uses the vulcanization process to make its shoes distinct from the others. The particular technique is and has never been employed before on other existing local shoe products.

Today, Compass' official online store can only be found on the e-commerce platform Tokopedia.

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