These movies will guarantee to make you tear up and challenge your worldview.


Inspirational movies are the best. They can lift your spirit, inspire you, and make you more creative. Inspirational movies can enrich your worldview and challenge your mind. It gives you a peek at how humanities are actually pretty great. Inspirational movies help nurture empathy for other people in life.

One of the best mediums to tell inspirational stories is through Bollywood. They are relatable, especially with our Indonesian culture being quite similar. They can easily open the mind to the world we live in. There are three inspirational movies that can make you tear up. Take a look below.

1. 3 Idiots (2009)
3 Idiots portrays a story that hits close to home. The story follows three engineering college students and the wacky journey they caught themselves in. It is a satire of how students are pressured to take on stereotypically prestigious career paths instead of following their passion. It has comedy and drama and it will definitely make you tear up.

The movie portrays a story so similar to the education system in Indonesia. Teenagers were pressured to pursue a money-oriented career without regard to their true passion. As a result, many were dissatisfied with their career and chose a different path. The movie shows this problem amazingly well wrapped in hilarious humor, tear-jerking drama, and meaningful songs.

2. Manjhi – The Mountain Man (2015)
Manjhi – The Mountain Man is a biographical movie of the real “Mountain Man”, Dashrath Manjhi.  His story is well-known on the internet as it has been shared everywhere. 

The movie centers on how a hill separates a hospital and a village that needs it the most. The movie follows a tragic story about how his wife failed to go to the hospital and died on the way while climbing the hill. 

To make sure that no one ever goes through the same fate his wife did, he carved through a hill of 9.1 meters wide and 110 meters long by only using traditional tools, a hammer and chisel. His 22 years of labor have helped cut the distance between his village and a hospital to tend the sick faster.

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3. PK
PK is a story that touches on the subject of religions and superstitions. An alien was stranded in India after losing his spaceship’s remote control. While looking for the remote, he met a television journalist who helped him get accustomed to Earth. 

The story follows the alien who asks a lot of questions which either opens some minds or makes him an enemy. People called him “peekay” which means drunk in Hindi since they thought he had been drinking. He adopted the name PK since he has no name at all. Follow his journey on Earth by watching it.

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