You might be jealous at times with their games, but showing support to their hobbies won't hurt.


One of the things that could boost a gamer boyfriend's mood and creativity is games. Especially with more online games on the internet, they can become more comfortable being in their room.

A girlfriend could support them by giving them some gifts based on a list of gift ideas that The S media has prepared. 

Unsplash/Lorenzo Herrera 


Gaming Headset
Not just any headset, the idea would be to give a gamer boyfriend the headset special for gaming. It's about the sound quality. The sensation and satisfaction of listening to the music and sound of games will bring out the excitement from a gamer when on screen. Without it, playing would be blander. 

Another benefit of getting a gaming partner a gaming headset is its comfort. A specially-designed gaming headset can provide gamers with longer comfort. Some gaming headsets, just like any other peripheral device, have numerous customization options such as special buttons that allow players to control volume levels, mute the microphone, or even receive calls. 

A premium gaming headset is recommended and it would range up to Rp500.000 and above. However, for those trying to save more money, lower prices are always available. So, before buying gaming headsets, one should consider their comfort, durability, microphone, brand, price, and spare parts.

Gaming Keyboard
A gaming keyboard looks similar to a regular keyboard, but it is different in function and internal mechanism switches.

While standard keyboards usually use membrane or dome switches, the gaming keyboards use a mechanical switch which allows gamers to feel the lightweight key press as each key has its own activation points. As a result, gamers who use gaming keyboards do not need to bottom out keys to having a keystroke register. 

For this reason, a gamer boyfriend would appreciate a gaming keyboard as this is one of the gaming complementaries which allows them to exercise their fingers easily during the game. 

A quality gaming keyboard could cost up to Rp 300.000 and above. Although mechanical keyboards are more expensive, the price is due to the more qualified components inside compared to membrane keyboards that use silicone due to its cheap manufacturing price. 

Additionally, a gaming keyboard has a longer lifespan than a standard keyboard. There are various series and brands of gaming keyboards. Things to be considered are the type of keyboard, brand, keyboard layout, backlight color, and design.

Online gaming voucher
Another idea besides technology a gamer boyfriend would appreciate is being gifted with a digital gaming voucher. There are multiple ways to purchase game vouchers online, especially in this digital age. Moreover, the order is practical as one does not need to travel anywhere in this case. 

Online game vouchers could be used not only to buy in-game characters but also used to buy clothes, skins, expansion packs, and weapons. Online voucher games' price range depends solely on the gifter as the amount of the voucher is based on the money that is put in. Normally, vouchers could be in a form of electronic vouchers of Rp20.000 or Rp50.000 pieces or purchase codes. 


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