These three horror/thriller movies from Japan will leave you to stay up all night. Do not watch them alone.


Of all the many creations the Japanese entertainment industries offer the world, among them their hauntingly terrifying horror movies. Japanese horror movies will not use cheap tricks to make you jump off your seat. 

They tend to use otherworldly beings as the face of terror in the movies. In the beginning, the ghosts might not harm you or even touch you, but they will let you know they are there, watching your every step.

Do not watch these movies alone, or you might not be able to sleep at all tonight.

Dark Water (2002)
Yoshimi is a recently divorced single mother struggling to live not only for herself but also for her young daughter, Ikuko. The movie starts when they move to their new small and decrepit apartment, where its most notable feature is water leakage in the ceiling of the main bedroom.

As the water won't stop dropping on them and disturbing their sleep, Yoshimi confronts the landlord and demand him to fix the leak on the floor above their room. What happens next is when the forgotten mystery of the apartment resurfaces and haunts them.

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Ringu (1998)
Tomoko and her friend died at precisely the same time of sudden heart failure with a horrified look upon death a week after their trip to a cabin. Curious about her niece's death, Reiko Asakawa travels to the cabin where she finds and watches an unlabeled videotape. 

Coincidentally, it turns out to be the popular "Cursed Video" known to have killed anyone who watches it at a later time. She then scrambles to end the curse as she is now not only trying to save herself but also her little son, who later also watches the tape. Little does she know that the mysterious video would lead her to a long-dead psychic and her daughter, Sadako.

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Battle Royale (2000)
Sick of ghosts already? "Wind down" with "Battle Royale", an action-thriller film about a game where a classroom of 42 ninth-grade high school students was voted to play a survival game to the death on a deserted island. They must defend themselves against violent students who thrived on the situation and the "allies" they chose to group with for three days. 

The organizer said the game had better have only one winner, or all students would be executed. Shuya, the leader, must find a way to survive on the island and plan a rebellion against the evil organizer, or else they will all die.

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