Oddly enough, it features the comedian Jim Carrey.


The Weeknd's highly awaited fifth studio album has finally emerged. The 16-track album, titled "Dawn FM", has guest performances from Tyler, the Creator in "Here We Go... Again", Lil Wayne in "I Heard You're Married", and Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Jim Carrey in the "Phantom Regret" outro.

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Prior to the album's release, he had stayed true to the identity he'd developed for over a year, showing up at award ceremonies and music videos bleeding and wounded, his face gradually evolving into what was eventually shown to be a plastic surgery horror.

Dawn FM, which The Weeknd described as a "sonic experience", is the follow-up to "After Hours", which debuted in 2020. Until then, he has produced a slew of songs, remixes, collaborations, and videos, as well as starring in and co-writing the upcoming HBO series "The Idol". His new album is his latest masterpiece, and he also released three mixtapes in 2011.

It is an uplifting record with dance-pop and synth-pop tracks that are primarily influenced by the 1980s new wave, funk, and electronic dance music genres. The album prompted immense appreciation from music critics, who praised its production and compositions.

The artist has a jam-packed 2021. In addition to kicking off his "new era," he released plenty of collaborative tracks, such as his "Save Your Tears" remix with Ariana Grande in April, "You Right" with Doja Cat in June, "Better Believe" with Belly and Young Thug in July, "Die For It" with Belly and Nas in August, "Moth To A Flame" with Swedish House Mafia in October, and "One Right Now" with Post Malone in November.

Another surprise release
On the same day as the release of Dawn FM, the singer brought one of its tracks, "Sacrifice", to life by unveiling a music video, which was co-produced by Swedish House Mafia and Max Martin. The video makes extensive use of strobe lights, similar to previous collaborations between the pair and Tesfaye.

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The four-minute video begins with the singer appearing to come to life as a fictional radio station (103.5 Dawn FM) and says: 'You've been in the dark for way too long, it's time for you to walk into the light and accept your fate with open arms.'

The Cliqua-directed music video displays a close-up, focused view of the singer trying to listen to an announcement. The scene then shows him teleporting to another dark room packed with hooded dancers who tie him to a massive wheel.

The Weeknd is seen bewildered and perplexed as he is led towards the end of a hypothetical light at the end of a tunnel while a clip of the Dawn FM theme music featuring Canadian actor Jim Carrey plays.

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He then awakens out of breath from the events of the "Take My Breath" video clip and is brought by a cloaked cult to a wheel-like machine. A sequence of trippy images and dance shots are then shown until the Weeknd exits the device and tumbles in a fade-out shot.

Music critics have described the video as a disco and synth-funk piece wherein he sings about his lavish lifestyle. The song lasts three minutes and nine seconds and contains references to the 1981 song "I Want to Thank You" by American vocalist Alicia Myers.

They've also cited "Sacrifice" as a notable hit from the album, praising the Weeknd's vocals and composition. Rolling Stone's Mankaprr Conteh linked Tesfaye's performance to Michael Jackson's classic singles "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" and "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough", emphasizing the similar-sounding vocal melodies and guitar lines.




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