Present since the 50s, Vespa has become an iconic motorcycle in Indonesia.


Vespa is a famous brand for motorcycles, not only in Indonesia but also in the world. This year Vespa celebrates its 75th anniversary, an important milestone for a brand that has produced over 19 million units worldwide.

Recently, PT Piaggio Indonesia officially introduced the Vespa 75th Anniversary special edition model, which was present through the Primavera 150 and GTS models. It turns out that this decision has a background because Indonesia has played an essential role for Vespa for a long time and vice versa.

The first was in the 1950s, Vespa was recorded for the first time in Indonesia. However, previously there were early Vespa products, but the official ones were in the 1950s era. Some of the models that present were the Vespa 150 and Vespa 125.

Then in the 1960s, Vespa was increasingly known and loved by many people. The Vespa was chosen to symbolize respect for the Garuda Contingent of the Indonesian National Army serving in the Congo. Vespa Congo is one of the Vespas that, until now, has been targeted by Vespa fans throughout Indonesia and has made the Vespa brand image increase in the eyes of two-wheeled enthusiasts.


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Continue to the decade of the 1970s when the Vespa brand is increasingly gaining a place in the hearts of many people. At this time, the most sought-after models were the Vespa Sprint 150cc, Vespa Super 150cc, and Vespa Special 90 cc, which became a symbol of classic style. Those who know these models certainly understand that units that are still in good condition will be highly sought after by collectors at fantastic prices.

The story then switches to the 1980s. Vespa believes that the Indonesian two-wheel market is increasing by presenting the big engine model. The Vespa Excel 200 cc and the Vespa Spartan 200 cc are the first two large engine models in Indonesia. Until now, both are still the target of classic Vespa fans.

In the 1990s, Vespa came with electric starter technology and automatic transmission for the first time. The model that uses this feature is the Vespa Corsa, which makes this model the pioneer of automatic motorcycles in Indonesia. This is also a sign of the transition from the classic Vespa to the modern Vespa.

The story then jumps to the era of the 2000s with the presence of the Vespa ET, which marks the 50th anniversary of Vespa. This model comes in three versions, namely Vespa ET4, Vespa ET2, and Vespa ET2 Injection. The ET4 variant is the first Vespa model to use a 4-stroke engine and a fully automatic transmission. This model is also the basis of the Vespa Ferrari Limited Edition, which was made especially for the Ferrari team when it became the Formula 1 world champion.

Jumping to 2011, PT Piaggio Indonesia is officially present in Indonesia to provide services to Vespa enthusiasts in Indonesia. The first products to be introduced were the Vespa LX 150 2v and the Vespa S 150 2v, which have become a favorite.

After a year, in 2012, Vespa presented an extensive engine lineup by introducing the Vespa GTS 250 as the flagship model. In addition, Vespa also introduced the PX 150 with a classic design.


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Since then, Vespa has continued to introduce iconic models to Indonesia. The Primavera 150 3v, Sprint 150 3v, and 946 Ricordo Italiano models arrived in 2013. The special edition model 946 Emporio Armani arrived in 2015. The Vespa PX, Primavera, and GTS in Azzurro 70 colors arrived in 2016 to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Not to be missed in 2017, Vespa introduced the GTS 300 in Indonesia and became the largest Vespa big engine. Then in 2018, Vespa presented the 50th anniversary Primavera, and in 2019, Vespa introduced the GTS Super Tech 300 HPE ABS. Not to forget, the model that has shocked the world of Vespa collectors is the Primavera Sean Wotherspoon model, the result of Vespa's collaboration with renowned designer Sean Wotherspoon.

This year has been full of meaning for Vespa. Many stories for half a century in Indonesia with a variety of iconic products. At least the trend of riding with Vespa continues to grow to this day as a product that continues to be eyed by two-wheeled enthusiasts.


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