Sergio Aguero has left Barcelona and announced his retirement from football.


After enduring heart difficulties, including cardiac arrhythmia, since the Barcelona match on October 30, Sergio Aguero has chosen to retire, ending his illustrious football career at the age of 33. 

He began his career with the Argentine team Independiente, then moved to Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, and eventually Barcelona.

He played in 666 games, scoring 379 goals and 146 assists in the process. Aguero has also represented Argentina, in addition to his club. Kun, Aguero's nickname, appeared in 101 games, scoring 41 goals and assisting on 19 others. This is a farewell Barcelona had not anticipated.

"This announcement is to let you know that I have stopped playing professional football. This is a difficult decision," said Aguero, stating that health problems were the primary cause. 

"I was treated well by the doctors, and they said the best thing was to stop playing; I decided a week ago. I did everything to see if there was any hope, but there wasn't much hope. I'm happy with how my career is going."


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Aguero admits he never thought he could have a promising career in Europe.

"Since I was five years old, I dreamed of playing football, playing in the Argentine top division; I never thought I would play in Europe," he said.

"For Barcelona, ​​it's incredible. I know I joined one of the best clubs in the world, but everything happens for a reason and for the Argentine national team, which I love the most."

After his contract with Manchester City expired this summer, Aguero joined Barcelona on a free transfer. Aguero signed a two-year contract with Barca that runs until the conclusion of the 2022/23 season, with a 100 million euro buyout clause. After playing for Atletico Madrid from 2006 to 2011, Aguero joined Barcelona and made his return to the Spanish La Liga.

About Kun

Fans became familiar with Sergio's nickname, Kun, when he defended Atletico Madrid and Manchester City. It was inspired by one of Aguero's childhood Japanese cartoons.

"My parents said it was a Japanese cartoon I used to watch on television when I was very young, set in the Stone Age, where the main character is a boy named Kum Kum, a little caveman," said Aguero. "My grandfather admitted he started calling me Kun because all I could say was 'koo' or 'koom'.'"

"According to Grandpa, whenever he tried to teach me a word, that was all I said. So he started saying 'Kun, come here' or 'Kun, go over there," he explained, adding that he has a similar appearance to the character.


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"Other people I asked said I looked like Kum Kum and had the same bangs, and I imitated the way the character ran... Whatever the truth, the nickname stuck to me."

Based on the regulations in the Premier League, it is not easy to use a nickname as a child would at the back name of the club's official uniform. The Premier League says Aguero could have the "Kun" on the back of his shirt if he has worn it in another league before. 

Luckily for Aguero, he previously wore a nickname on the back of his shirt while playing at Atletico Madrid.

Manchester City legend

Sergio Kun Aguero has had unquestionable prestige at Manchester City since scoring the game-winning goal against Queens Park Rangers (QPR) in the final game of the 2011/12 Premier League season. Martin Tyler's loud "AGUEROOOO!!" still resonates in our heads whenever we discuss that goal. 

Tyler's impassioned outbursts have even made it into popular culture, appearing on a variety of football memorabilia. Once the goal was scored, it was impossible to discuss Diego Maradona's son-in-career law's at Manchester City without mentioning the incident.

Since joining Manchester City from Atletico Madrid, Aguero has accomplished a great deal. He was named the British Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) team twice, was named Footballers' Federation (FSF) Player of the Year, and won the Premier League Golden Boot in the 2014/15 season. Not to mention the nine titles he bestowed upon the club (excluding the Community Shield).


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Aguero earned his position in English football history by scoring a hat-trick against Aston Villa on January 12, 2020. Aguero is not only the most prolific foreign player in English Premier League history, but he is also the most prolific player from Argentina (177 goals). He's also ranked ahead of Frank Lampard and Thierry Henry on the list of the league's five most productive players (176 goals).

Former Manchester City player Vincent Kompany considers Sergio Aguero a football legend. The Argentine striker managed to become a key figure for the success of The Citizens in the last decade. Vincent Kompany reveals a story that he believes encapsulates Aguero's unique abilities.

"I will say this about when he scored that 'Agueroooooo' goal. Before the game, he said to me: 'Listen, Vincent, don't worry about today. This is my moment,'" said Vincent Kompany. "Aguero told me he was going to make the difference. He didn't do anything, and I told myself I needed to talk to him after the game until he got the goal after 93 minutes."

"That goal is now very famous. That tells you everything. Aguero is such a player. They always believe in themselves and believe that they will make a difference. And then they did," Kompany added. "That's why he is a legend. That's why when I see him, before saying 'hi,' I always say 'thank you' first."

Aguero received multiple employment offers after opting to retire. Following the launch of Marca, he was offered a position as a member of Lionel Scaloni's coaching staff for the 2022 World Cup in Argentina. Then there was another opportunity to join the coaching staff of the Argentina youth team. Aguero also recently received a job offer as a football commentator on television, the third opportunity received outside of the club and national team.

Manchester City, Aguero's old club, has also offered him a job. The club wishes to show its appreciation for Aguero, its all-time leading striker. Aguero, on the other hand, has yet to decide whether or not to accept some of the job offers that have been made to him, insisting that he wants to take a break before choosing what to do next.

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