The adventures of Hengki Widjaja, an Indonesian who owns Australian Itree.


Hengki Widjaja is another successful Indonesian diaspora. Hengki is one of the proprietors and directors of Itree Pty Ltd, an Australian and New Zealand software producer for land and sea traffic security, institutional productivity, and law enforcement.

The agency is now headquartered in Wollongong, New South Wales' third largest city, 80 kilometers south of Sydney. Hengki's accomplishments are particularly impressive given that he joined Itree as an ordinary employee with no share ownership.

Hengki has been with Itree since 1998 when the company had only three employees. He has had a strong interest in computer programming since the sixth grade of elementary school. Little Hengki studies his brother's PC, an IBM 286 PC.

His interest in computers grew until he was in grade one at SMA Petra Surabaya, he defeated grade three pupils in the East Java Computer Informatics Competition. However, the restrictions of computer science training, combined with the country's lack of internet connectivity, motivated Hengki to continue his education at the University of Wollongong in 1994.

This basketball fan continued his postgraduate studies at the same university after getting a Bachelor of Computer Science degree with a focus on computer security.

Unfortunately, Indonesia was experiencing a monetary crisis at the time. His parents indicated that they could not afford to pay for his schooling, prompting Hengki to look for a job in Wollongong in the fields of Access Database and Tutorial Programming.

He secured a job as a casual software engineer for Itree. Itree's popularity grows with time. The improvement in performance is inextricably linked to Hengki's contribution. As a result, his career flourished. When he became a project manager, the man born in Surabaya in 1976 managed to outperform other project managers in terms of project revenues.

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Because of his important involvement, the Itree shareholders elected him to the position of managing director. He was able to jump-start the company's growth when he became the supreme leader and collaborated with business partners. Hengki displays this progress by expanding the number of Itree staff, despite his reluctance to share the exact number.

"Itree had 60 employees when I assumed the post of managing director. Thank God, I was able to lead the company to around 100 individuals with the help of the team," Hengki told SWA Online.

Shareholder promotion

In 2004, Hengki received an offer to purchase Itree stock after he asked for permission to return to Surabaya to assist his brother's company. Itree's shareholders protested and instead urged him to acquire shares in Itree and become a shareholder.

Hengki accepted the opportunity, yet his desire to create his own business remains strong. As a result, beginning in August 2017, he served just as a director and shareholder, and no longer as managing director so he can seek funds for two start-up firms that he created, Accelerion and Dayspring Care.

Accelerionn is derived from the phrases accelerate or acceleration, which is a term commonly used in the startup sector. As the name implies, Accelerion will help Indonesians accelerate their ideas until they become a viable business, including funding. Accelerion is now accelerating a product called AccelHealth, which is an application to support the ketofastosis lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Dayspring Care is a healthcare application for a vast and complex healthcare system. The purpose of this program is to make something complex, such as the numerous pages required by health clinics and the like, fewer and simpler.

Hengki is not alone in producing Accelerion and Dayspring Care. He formed a team with two other persons, one from Indonesia and one from Australia. Both startups are registered in Australia, but their operations are split between the two countries. The entire development team was based in Jakarta and Surabaya.

Itree, as raised by Hengki, is no longer a small business. After gaining control of the Australian market, the business plans to expand into New Zealand before moving on to other countries.

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