Singapore Tourism Board creates campaigns to attract Indonesian tourists despite the pandemic.


With support from Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Singapore's tourism has reimagined its offerings and experiences while supporting nationwide efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mohammed Firhan Abdul Salam, Area Director of STB for Indonesia, explained how Singapore reopened its borders safely and encouraged Indonesian tourists to feel at ease and safe. 

As the world starts to heal gradually from the pandemic, what are the new offers from Singapore for Indonesian tourists?

Even if the global epidemic isn't done, the current Omicron wave is helping us better grasp its nature and potential public health threats. Our high immunization rates have made it possible to reopen Singapore's borders safely.

As a first step, Singapore has established quarantine-free Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) with over 20 nations and regions. Due to Singapore's unilateral VTL with Indonesia, we have observed an increase in short-term Indonesian tourists. The SingapoReimagine campaign asks Indonesians to reimagine a new standard of travel and changed experiences in Singapore. Singaporean tourism enterprises are also rethinking products and technologies to attract repeat visitors.

What we like most about Singapore is the cuisine. Singapore has it all. Are there any new recommendations for culinary places that are currently popular there?

In one of our SingapoReimagine videos, hosted by Sarah Sechan, she mentioned several culinary places that are popular in Singapore, like Chin Mee Chin

Confectionary. It is a well-known and traditional brand of Singaporeans. The specialty of Chin Mee Chin would remain the same, Kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs and coffee, a very traditional Singaporean breakfast.

In Indonesia, the culture known as ‘makan tengah’ is one of Singapore's preferred methods to eat numerous local foods in a group. For this, try Zi Char type of eateries for a truly Singaporean experience. Many Zi Char restaurants in Singapore serve tasty food with a broad menu, huge quantities, and inexpensive rates, perfect for families or parties visiting Singapore.

You can visit Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant. This Zi Char restaurant specializes in Chinese food and seafood. The variety of food at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant is very diverse, like black pepper crab, seafood fried rice, sweet and sour fish, and many more. Meanwhile, Jiak Modern Tze Char has a slightly different appearance from Zi Char restaurants in general as the design is more modern and contemporary. It’s suitable for young travelers and prioritizes comfort.


Every time we go to Singapore, there is something new that makes Indonesians want to go back again. How can Singapore keep coming up with new ideas?

We have used this “downtime” to revamp our tourist businesses and experiences to establish a new benchmark for visitors. Instead of creating new large-scale attractions, we remodel existing experiences to keep them fresh, provide value, and satisfy our visitors. The industry must work together to stay ahead of the competition and differentiate our offers.

How does Singapore help its local brands be known around the world?

Local lifestyle brands and the passion behind them are the focus of this nationwide project. The Made with Passion brand mark is a recognition of the hard effort and passion that goes into achieving greatness. 

These include The Shake Hand, one of Singapore's oldest medicinal balm and oil makers, as well as organic skincare company Kew Organics. While another brand like Ya Kun includes apparel and accessories, homeware and decor, and packaged food and beverages. 

We also promote our Made with Passion products in Indonesia through collaborations at the latest Singapore-themed rooms at Artotel Thamrin in Jakarta. Guests who check into the room will get an exclusive welcome goodie bag which includes the printed artwork souvenirs, Mie Sedaap Singapore Spicy Laksa, and 'Made With Passion' products including Gryphon Tea and Ya Kun Kaya Toast Jam. 

What are exactly SingapoReimagine and Passion Made Possible campaigns?

SingapoReimagine is a global effort to reset and revive tourism in Singapore. As travel returns, STB intends to rekindle the travel bug by displaying Singapore's redefined self through new and innovative experiences, while assuring all travelers' safety. SingapoReimagine aims to redefine travel in Singapore through new experiences, technology, sustainability, and safety.

Passion Made Possible, introduced in 2017, is Singapore's international brand for business and tourism. We can now develop better emotional ties with our audiences through the Singapore Passion Made Possible brands. With over 20 regional offices and marketing agents worldwide, SingapoReimagine is part of the global destination brand. This campaign will be tailored to each country's market conditions and readiness to travel again.


Before the outbreak, Indonesia was Singapore's second-largest source market for visitors. To keep Singapore top of mind and develop strong demand for travel in the near future, Singapore Tourism Board Indonesia offices have initiated several programs, such as The Jewel-rassic Quest which is a ticketed augmented reality (AR) experience at Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park and Shiseido Forest Valley. Also, we have a Slingshot, an exhilarating thrill ride located in Singapore’s city center.

Singapore is also well-known as one of the Tourism Businesses Destinations. In what ways is Singapore preparing to attract tourists from the business sector? 

We wish to make Singapore a destination where Passion Made Possible for both business and leisure travelers. MICE supported around 34,000 direct and indirect employment worth S$3.8 billion, or 0.8 percent of Singapore's GDP, prior to COVID-19.

To ensure a safe and balanced return of events and activities, STB has worked closely with event organizers since the epidemic hit. In addition to corporate event attendees, MICE industry players and their staff as well as our local community remain our key priorities.

At the same time, a measured and safe return of business events will help Singapore's economy expand, provide opportunities for local businesses, especially SMEs, and protect jobs for Singaporeans. And so make Singapore the world's premier safe, reliable, and creative corporate event location.




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