Indonesians celebrate National Nurses Day is every March 17. But why?


March 17th has been designated as National Nurses Day for a number of years. This commemoration is related to the founding of the Indonesian National Nurses Association (PPNI), which was founded on March 17, 1974.

PPNI was the only professional organization for nurses back in the 70s. The association was founded to produce policies, as well as to gather, unify, develop and supervise nurses across the country.

Ever since its founding, the professional association has been thoroughly involved with Indonesian public health development, hence the national commemoration. The designation is intended to maintain nurses’ solidarity across Indonesia.

The spirit of the nurse profession is essentially focused on maintaining and escalating people’s health. And PPNI as an organization was established on that fundaments.

“We must celebrate this day of gratitude together, on the foundation of our persevere spirit that holds PPNI together for 48 long years,” said the President of the National Committee of Indonesian National Nurses Association Harif Fadillah.

National Nurse Day 2022
According to PPNI’s national committee, the theme of this year’s National Nurse Day is “Nurses together with Community Towards a Healthy Nation Free From COVID-19".

With that theme in mind, PPNI’s nurses are mandated to do community service, in line with this year’s theme of National Nurse Day. The community service is manifested in the form of socialization of COVID-19 vaccination, followed by giving out booster vaccines.

Moreover, every PPNI member was also asked to celebrate the birthday of the organization virtually. They were asked to participate in the celebration by installing a Twibbon crafted for the 48th birthday of PPNI on their personal social media.

PPNI national committee held the summit celebration virtually today. The international online seminar had the same theme as the National Nurses Day itself.

People are celebrating on social media
Nurses have always been at the forefront in the attempt to control the COVID-19 pandemic. For two years, nurses have been deeply involved in responding and helping those who contracted the virus, and 607 of them have fallen in the endeavor.

People are grateful for the merit nurses have selflessly shown, that is why they are joining the celebration on social media. Many are tweeting the phrase “Selamat Hari Perawat Nasional”, which could be translated to “Happy National Nurses Day”, that it becomes a trending topic on Twitter.

The President of Indonesia Joko Widodo participated in the celebration as well by tweeting his gratitude. “For the Nurses, who are always on the front with the people when COVID-19 pandemic occurs, kindly accept our deepest thanks,” wrote Jokowi in his Twitter account.

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